Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lovable Friend

Every time i went on vacation on my country. I won't forget to give something to my dear friend she is very nice and lovable. I knew her since high school. way back then during our senior in high school were like sisters the four of us.  I have one sister and my friend has one  sister too.  The  4 of us  going   out together.   Were  also a  neigbor during younger  time  I could not denied that i miss her. i kept our picture together because were apart each other.  Even  though i was   married before  still contact   her.  now I still  keep up  with her have many good friends that i found through fb. maybe because they change their family name since they married can only recognize the face.  Anyways  Some of my friends are happily married but have also a friend that happy with her life. she's a succesfull businesswoman  she has a degree too.   I can only count my good friends  because since young were very good friends even I am here in the state she's   busy with her daily life.   I did not have time to see my few old friends because our time was very hictic.   She   has her own  business  I hope someday she found someone  to love her.  I knew she's busy with her life. when we had  our vacation this year i give  her something because I know she is a generous lady.   during that time me and her going to watch a movie she surprise me on my birthday i was like surprise too because couldn't  imagine she did that to me. she my sister to me I would not forget our good time no matter what the distance between us  i kept our friendship forever. and at the same time, make new friends is good but high school years are different would be the most memorable years in my life.  high school years will be filled with nothing but happiness.


  1. oh i hear you sis. i miss my high school friends too. you look gorgeous in your dress in the picture. i bet your friend is really happy to have you as her friend too. Thank you for joining MLM last week! Sorry for blog hopping late, sis. Hope you could join MLM again, mommy carlota is hosting this May starting here: http://www.carlotazurlinden.com/2012/05/memory-lane-monday-my-lovely-daughter/

    1. Ok sis Mel thanks. glad that I join MLM even sometimes hardly fine a picture for my MLM. yes true high school life is the most memorable moment on our life nothing can bet.late napod ko nag reply. I well join that. ok.have good night.