Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Magic sing

I am glad  i have now a magic  song.  I just bought it from PH. during our vacation.    if you interested they would have in the filipino website but so expensive when you buy it the cost is  twice times equevalent  to $ currency  which is  i could not.  I knew that i can buy overthere.  but if you would like to purchase you can check their online store.  Check it in  Filipino store.com.

 We used to have had a magic song before but my kid broke it when he was a little.  the cost is to high  all prizes are plus tax. And As for me when you think something to buy a filipino product the best way is let your love one to send in International.   this  is pretty good it's not quit big package it is small include the 2 microphone.  Now we have intertainment at home we use it almost everyday. my son likes to sing and he corrected my song  because he know I sing almost everyday.   I sing when I am in the shower lol....   

This video song has many feature it has a mini selected idea. has thousands of songs  english and tagalogs.  like if you want to listen your song then you can record it as many as you want even 50's or 100's song. after singing you can listen your song.  to bad i try to listen my songs need more effort. Son say  mom need more practice the score is saying keep practicing . eventually my son likes to sing  was happy when i play it.  guess he would like to be a singer someday

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