Thursday, May 3, 2012

Quality time

last weekend we spend our time together with my fiance. We went to Asian market and include going for shopping to get his stuffs to works with his swimming pool. So glad that we don't have an issue about us. we both get old. lol... have fast.  he has past which is good  important is you keep the relationship strong ang healthy.     The day should have no distractions where you can spend time with your boyfriend all day long doing anything you both like. If this plan proves to be successful, gradually it will become more good. My kid was happy for him and likewise him too he loves my kid.   

The biggest problem for some male not seeing their woman.   A lot, spending too much of his time hanging out with friends. While it is healthy  to have  'me' time and divide time with others but if he is doing everything with them going to the movies, hanging out at his house, and so on and hardly does it with you, try  not  to distract him and show him things his friends can't do.  Send a smiley text message or  send a hugs message will definitely put a smile on his face and he will minimize hanging out with friends and come running to you. well. if the person love you no matter where you are he would find a way to see you. got it..

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