Thursday, May 10, 2012


Went to the  store  last couple of weeks just sight seeing  trying if there was a good deal for shoes. mostly  clearance are on at the 1st week of the month and last week of the month. Almost end of April when I went to the store i keep my eyes open and looking around and found out nobody  has get a good deals for shopping kinda expensive. just only hit for  W-shopping u know what i mean.  I went back again  and ask a friend of mine she was said they got a sales for apparel and shoes  which i could see.  Supposed to be I am not going to buy I knew i am going to the different store they got many deals for shoes but a friend of mine   saying, it was a good sales because the shoes is in good quality and cheaper compare to the  original prize. I get it  since  these  store coupons available online.  Oh.Oh another bunch of crap on my room but happy it's a good shoes though. I noticed that Target  and  Kohls has huge selection of products, which wraps it all up for me. It doesn't  difficult to pay top dollar when, in fact, I can actually save money.

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