Wednesday, May 16, 2012

a New Camera

 dissappoint myself I don’t bear on my mind that the camera was on my mom’s hand I tel her that we could have a picture taking before our departure,  ( PH.) but when we got inside the airport we never had a chance to get back or taking a picture because prior to check -in you have 2 hrs before your flight. The problem on that time we arrive in the airport 1 hr. and 15 minutes. the airport rules you’ve got to be little early or else you have enought time to be in airport early because all of your luggage would be check in. In addition you fall in line and pay the airport fee.  that’s the main reason I left my camera due to late arriving at the airport. My other sibling is woke up late makes me mad. There's  no time for making final conversation due to lack of time.   I was then remember my camera when we got here in Florida .  couldn't  blame them due to the excitement of our heading back to the states.  I had an old camera but has a problem too. I was used it last week but after a couple  of times it was broke get mad again always problem and problem throwing money anywhere.  Money is easy to spend. Never be a boss when me and hubby together.  he is the money handler when it comes to money. today to bad keep I spending way to much. I have many things to buy but only in my mind. I am  not shopping addict  unlike other women spend, spend. Still have save for  the  future.  still using the old camera hard to use it again but it is just not cooperating. It bothers me because I paid good money. and hardly used it but not it is gone. What a waste. I think I didn’t use it enough time that is why it got screwed up. It wouldn’t work, and I think the fact that i had it setting too. Now I have to work on finding a quality camera so i can capture the special moments in life. Anyway, I hope next vacation  my camera  still with me  because everytime we taking a vacation I left or I  lost my gadget like camcorder. the worse thing i never forget is that camcorder. when we was at U.S embassy  3  yrs ago.  i lost it. hubby was really  angry  to me.  that's  a christmas present. after few months on PH. I lost that cam. memories,memories  won't  forget. good  night  gals.

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