Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Was gone for While

Was gone for a while, now back to blogging.  sound like I am done with. but no, i would say been busy at school voluntering then get tired when we get home. just lazy sometimes when your times is always on the computer in addition my kid is in school everyday. Still busy my virtual world every once in a while when I get bored. I am easily get bored so when i pick him up from school we go somewhere or else in library or whatever comes on my mind.

Aside school,  I  enjoy many other fun activities like blogging, photography, and digital-scrapbooking. and surfing the web.  It  is  what get me most enjoy the most.  I hate to admit it   was gone for quite some time. Indeed for couple of days. My new hobby occupied me so much that I hardly no time  to share my thought.   
back  in   writing  with my family and friends instead. As for the hobby, It was a  realistic video game for my kid.   Sometimes I  took  him   outside  to play.  that is how I got into the game. We all had a blast.

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