Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My baby

 have you recognize this little baby guess who?   No other than my only son.  He was a baby in this picture mommy took a picture with him.  When we used to live on our old house I take some pictures of him knowing that baby is grow so fast. I can see a lot changes when baby is growing every month.  He had chubby check and big toe. It's  true my boy is look like his daddy.  his Dad is  6 feet. he got his height from his dad. every year young kids are change a lot specially when their started schooling I notices it from my son  because he was in early school.  We sent him in Pre-K due to his speech problem but in real that is only normal for the child.  Now he talk and talk never quit talking because. he knew that school is fun mommy help him to do his school activities. I am linking this entry to  # 1  of 366 blog Photo Challenge

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