Friday, June 22, 2012

Basketball and Football

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Image: NBA Finals MVP LeBron James of the Heat holds the Larry O'Brien Trophy Thursday night in Miami (© Don Emmert/AFP/Getty Images)

I used to watch Basketball  and Football when i lived in our old house now I am not active on sports. might be  I become forgotten my sports I  don't know maybe just get to busy for something. I watch during the day like speed car racer, golf and other sports game it's kind of being new on the sports  this  time a year. I changing the channel. But with in this year I get to excited for upcoming game   the Football.  Feel like i am start all over again in the year of 2011  i could not concentrating on sports due to busy or i might don't have paying attention to watch because for any other reason.  yep right people I am going to watch the sports pretty soon don't know who would be my fave. team Just remember those days in my life my hubby get mad when his team was beat he talk bad agains the other team but it was fun though  he is a  fan on gators  it's called here in florida NFL kick off game. I hear from my brother the NBA had a champion  finale i did not watch lately. anyways next game i would have to watch. and so on my brother in law he still watching  He like football as well as the Filipino sports the popular sports there is boxing. in philippines. I guess he like staying there in PH.  they're excited because they would have to install the cable channel in the new house. something i am looking for a new in my life well see.

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