Friday, June 15, 2012

Blog Anniversary So happy

It has been exactly one year june 16 last week. since I started my first post on my blog and shared my thoughts with you. I can hardly believe that my beloved blog is now two years Since then my life has changed. I had no idea how much I would learn or how many new friends I meet.  Wow Amazing how time flies, it was as if yesterday I started my first post. It was my friend Mrs Cassidy who encouraged me to start a blog, frankly I didn’t even know what a blog is,  The good thing for blog is you can learn many things and stuffs like read and write or either you would know how to  used correct proper grammar antonymes and synonymes. I woudn't have without my friends help. thankful of her because it make me happy i can share my thoughs and dream I would never stop because i can making a little  income dispite of homemaker mom.  somewhat better to have income than nothing Ive got many stuffs for free which is a good adea making extra income is enought rather than nothing I would say even I work someday or going to school I still works my blog because this one could make to share not only for bloggings and also making money and share my thoughts i thank you god for this blessings.

When I was still at school I used to memorize my lessons by pretending that I’m a teacher. I remember I used to write on the closet pretending it was a chalkboard and pretend the pen was chalk it was closed of course I guess I was born to write I love to write and I’m gonna keep on progressing, learning, and sharing to become better and better.I meet friends from here it's good you have friend who you can share your thoughs. next couple of weeks have to design my blog mark my own calendar. kind of bored when i look my blog doesn't have a good design looks like a dress if you don't change your shirts means people don't like because its  smell not good, that is my blog is. See
yeah later friends.

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