Saturday, June 23, 2012

Enjoy the sunny day

This was taken during our  short Vacation is Indiana I am glad that i come in this place, me and my son enjoying our vacation last month despite of the long drive he never complaining , my fiance,  I was glad I meet all of his siblings and other members of the family. this place was very nice and quit to live. How i wish i live this kind of area because I love the  neighborhood  and the house too. it's quit of distance from the  neighbor. the only thing i like it,  this place when the people see you walking around the street they greet you.  and so do I. can feel the people lived here are very nice.  those house is from my fiance parents they lived here for a long time.  I love the style of their house because it has a basement. they had bigger spare room underground. I never see this in Florida i think was not allowed  to have a basement I am not sure maybe. it depends on the place.  I am linking this entry to Pink Friday.


  1. it's nice to live in a neighborhood where people are warm and friendly. hope you find it also in your place. Yahweh bless.

  2. that's right it's nice to live in a nice place well people are friendly and approachable I thanks again for reading. God bless.