Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Happy Independence Day Philippines

Today is the independence day of the Philippines. The Philippines started revolt agains the United State in 1899 and achieve archipelago on State on July4,1946.

  While ago was checking my mail and I read the article in the Philippines. I am glad to know that Filipino celebrate the Independence day and include New York they celebrating the Independence day i am proud to say being a Filipino is such a wonderful feeling. My late husband say he was knew about the history of the Philippines he always read the books any kind of language he knows the politics there few of them. I thankful for him he bring me over here in the state. My son is naturalized american I am proud to him. eventually i did not make it to have an Citizinship because it has an issue regarding my status but soon I would re apply again. I never forget my country because it always part of being a Filipino. Mabuhay!! in tagalog  word.   Happy Independence day Philippines.

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