Saturday, June 9, 2012

My Kid out of school

My kid gets bored back again in home. He was quit little bored because he used to go to school everyday I know he misses all of his friends and teacher.  he had been so complaining about being in home then I discuss to him he can go to swimming classes or sports so he would not be able to bored at home. I got a letter from the school they offer a summer sports in a way I can enroll my kid it's a good way he can learn sports like soccer, volleyball and any other kids sports. he had been active in sports last summer but lately it was not.  the sports offer only twice a year. this coming next week I might be enroll him school again. as well as i can start focusing hunting a job I need a job I have many responsibilty to handle. for any other reason I still active my blogging everyday.

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