Monday, June 4, 2012

My Kindergarten

This is my kid Certificate from his school in Catholic school.  He is now done in pre-kindergarten what means is he would be in kindergarten this coming school opening. Can't wait again to see him in school. Last couple of weeks had his last school days I knew that it's hard for him, my kid to say bye.bye to his teacher/ co-teacher and other staffs in school. I am so crying again because this is second school pre-k that  he learn allot. every activities for my kid in school is a great i took a photo's with his classmates  because i knew it is a good idea. he can remember them. He would begin his kindergarten in another school. I am going to miss them, the  classmates and the other stuffs. what a time fly really quick he is getting smarter and bigger. I want the best for him in school.

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