Saturday, June 9, 2012

Teaching your Children is most important

 there are many beliefs and points of view on this topic, but I am writing this  from my personal perspective. Remember, these are just suggestions. They can be modified in any way to suit individual needs and beliefs.

I believe if children learn to pray when they are very young, they will develop the habit of praying throughout their lives. A young child becomes comfortable with praying and will develop a personal relationship with God. Like my kid while now he is young we went to church he knows about papa jesus this is most important that being teach your child about praying is good because their mind develop. Children can be taught to be polite to God.  my kid I teach him about being say something.  Please or Thank you to others  a kindness or someone give to him. kid can learn.  Myself I have a biggest fear  for my kid when he's growing up. hope he well grow up that he would not given me a headache. just worried when he turn into teen. but I knew that if you guide your kid and keep advising i am surely say they well be in the right path and always pray to god.  because i know it is difficult to raise a child here.  knowing that his  dad is gone.  when asking for something they want, children can be taught to be polite to God . I wanted  me and my kid become bestfriend  oneday he would know that Mom's do the best things to him.

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