Monday, June 25, 2012

Vaccinations for Children

It is the responsibility of the parents  to provide vaccination records from the health department and to schools. Also,  the doctor's office and clinics store records of children's vaccinations and the dates they were received for a few years. That what i did when my kid start schooling few years ago i stored his medical record when he was born until he started in school because I know this is neccesary for his beginning in school. I am glad my kid was doing well he has many things to learn at school like drawing ,writing, and any other stuffs at school. aside on this, he's speech was really clear he progress really good. he's early schooling it helps alot because he meet new friends and he did not shy he get interact from other children.  In this month he would need his new vaccination it requires from the school.  I  take him in the nearby clinic before he start again in the next school.

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