Friday, June 1, 2012

Weather Planning for Summer

Recently we got back home from short vacation from Indiana which make my kid happy because he can see new places watch the  scenic places while driving along the road. summer is almost coming have many staffs on my mind occupied.  guess what.!!  also i could i say that my blogs was behind now. but it would be ok Np  for me ( No problem) who cares anyways never be quit because it's a part of our life.

The weather is warming up again which means people are planning to head out somewhere to camp or take a fun and exciting vacation. I wish we can go camping, so I can take a nature walk. I enjoy nature tripping. When it is summer I prefer an RV trip because I get to stop whenever I wish and start taking pictures. I also like to hit up different dining restaurants on the way. If to say we have the time and money to rent an RV, we would.  it does not necessarily mean that we could not do so because we can rent..Lol. indeed as I found a website for RV Rental  and renting is affordable. It only costs less   per day.  So,  not so bad considering that it is an RV were talking about. There is plenty of room for the whole family. Traveling on a regular vehicle is quite uncomfortable especially when there is no bathroom. It is no fun at all. The ideal vacation is when we get to take an RV.

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