Saturday, July 28, 2012

My little cutie

This is an elementary school with Pre k- and the teacher do breakfast duty. fortunately, the  principal let them have little control and discipline. The kids are way too loud,  their seats numerous times, and have table manners which is good so the Moms can seat lol.  I understand that breakfast is their free  and time to visit.  Everyday i took my son in school drive him it's very good because i can my see my son is being comfortable than ride on the bus. Another thing that make me happy 
 me is the  amount of food that is not wasted Because of state laws it is free. I really miss this moment
I never seen his teacher she was retire now how i wish we could see her someday we went there and visit his old school.  my son is in last line he was quit though. I am linking this entry to Pink Fridays


Friday, July 27, 2012

My Own Craft using Astro Bright papers.

This post brought to you by Astrobrights Papers by Neenah Paper. All opinions are 100% mine.

Instead of hiding your memories, put them on display by crafting a photo on  decorative piece.  back in time when my son was a baby he has plenty of photos that i save on my desk i had a several albums that i craft, in this way the photo was taken. cherished the  memories of days past.  Using a photo editing i resize the photos so that it well fit  for album and it's really unique for best  results, each photo i  maximize the contrast, and adjust the brightness  each photo  as sharp as it can be  Print each photo. scan your photos into the computer, and using photo editing software to your frames, and convert  to black and white. Print them using an ink-jet printer from your computer. A Vellum paper, Trim the photos to fit the frames, and place them into the frames. Form the frames into a triangle and hinge them together using cloth tape. Stand the frame up,

I just bought a form of cube frame  last couple of week because i am doing to craft my son's photos
 and arrange the photos of  my choice. You may also arrange photos along the sides of the box, and cut the photos into various shapes. Using rubber cement, glue the photos to the box, and use a craft spatula to smooth the photo down. Decorate the box with colored puff paint, glitter, hot glue and beads or bows, or any other number of decorative items.  That's what i did using astro bright papers because it has many different colors it very colorful though it make my son busy doing something while out of school.  Make me happy he could create his own way and so do i  by using this astro bright papers is fun and give some ideas on our mind. I have many plenty of craft here need to buy other stuffs like glue, ribbon and so on IM out of it.  So why you can't make it instead of seating without doing nothing.

When Using my  bookmark,  Cut a strip of thick, sturdy ribbon, such as grosgrain ribbon, that is about two inches wide, and three inches longer than twice the length of a book. Cut each end of the ribbon into a pointed tip; this will help to prevent the ends from fraying and the ribbon from ripping at the seams. Hand-stitch a one-and-a-half-inch by two-inch photograph to the ribbon. Two stitches in each corner will do. For your larger picture, find a piece of ribbon that has a larger width.  Enjoy and have fun create  this on your own  ideas and share  through facebook and twitter or other social network.   please include also the phashtag #goastrobrights. 


Monday, July 23, 2012

Couple finally meets after 5-years.

 A couple meeting in person for the first time after being introduced five years ago in  chat room and dating long distance for two years is going viral. The unnamed pair maintained their relationship through Facebook and Skype, but it's clear by the passionate embrace that the actual physical contact was well deserved (how did another such relationship turn out?).

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Rockers

My 5 year old kid is really into music. He has guitars, but he absolutely loves this one. It plays  cool songs like Crazy  he watch kids channel  "  The disney channel"  he gets into music It was fun to see him infront of the TV.  I watching him he sing the Break it down from the the disney channel.  it's  not because  annoying like his other kids show like spongebob and Wiggles guitars, and it actually has strings he can strum.  how i wish I downloaded  songs from i-tunes and he plays along. Since his guitar is not in shape, he was break the string last week, he also pretends it's a violin. it's fun to see him. he is just play with it almost everyday he told me he like guitar i bet like his dad  turn into music.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Make our beauty work harder

 I think it's very important to frequently alternate our skincare regime. Currently I use moisturizer  Microderm Polisher or either moisturizers or treatments. Moisturizers are typically formulated as lotions or creams Milk Cleanser. I also exfoliate everyday. I think that is why men age so well because they exfoliate every day through shaving. I swear using moisturizing cream and eye cream. a day moisturizer with sunscreen in the morning,  and a night treatment before bed time, like me I use it, as long as I have time i make it every night even how busy it is have much time for your beauty.  If you have dry skin, add in a night moisturizer. And if you want more anti-aging benefits, use a day treatment too.   You have an option.

  • Body moisturizer
  • Cleanser (optional)
  • Day treatment (optional)
  • Eye cream (optional)
  • Day moisturizer with sunscreen
  • Makeup.
 P.M  Body moisturizer
  • Cleanser
  • Exfoliator (optional)
  • Night treatment
  • Eye cream (optional)
  • Night moisturizer

Monday, July 9, 2012

Atlantic Brand Luggage And Legoland Sweepstakes


It is summer now was started few weeks ago, it's about time to going out and have fun. I love the beach mostly, the restaurant and most of all the beautiful weather. I am now discussing the travel package on Florida. If ever happen I could go to Legoland Florida.

Legoland Florida is a interactive theme park dedicated to families with children between the ages the young age With over 50 family rides, they have attractions and shows, LEGOLAND Florida provides education, adventure and fun.

Have you even travel for free? Why  not join the Atlantic Travel and Legoland sweepstakes. For this package includes, 2 days admission Legoland Florida, Two nights at a LEGOLAND Florida Bed and Brick property car voucher. Plus Exclusive behind the scenes tour with a LEGOLAND Florida Master Model Builder, and 2-piece set of Atlantic luggage.

You need to stay nice and cool this summer, head over to the LEGOLAND Water Park in Florida With a wave pool, and body slides, there’s plenty of fun for those hot summer days. There’s something for everyone from 375 foot water slides for the older kids, to DUPLO Splash Safari for the younger LEGO fans, and families I can imagine, design and build a unique LEGO vessel. we sew that unique wave pool and foot long slider last couple of days ago at the school inside the campus where many kids play on and having swimming on that inflatable pool. my kids can't wait to try this Duplo Splash Safari LEGO.  And families can imagine, design and build a unique  LEGO vessel and set it a float on the 1,000 foot long lazy river.

Please visit Atlantic Luggage Legoland  Sweepstakes.  for a full list of the latest products and retail locations.  This is good for family travel.
Platinum 7 Soft Duffel

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

buying a pet

Taking care of a pets take a lot time of  it never been easy for taking care inside dog specially food and other stuffs like feeding a good food if you like your dog to be looks nice.unless if you don't care the dog gets ugly lol. I like dog with has a lot of hair on it. They need to be sanitize as well that is especially when they are allowed to be inside the house.   cost money when you have a special dog inside your house. few of my friends have dog inside the house sometimes have a allergy Pets can make an open house.  inially have to hold your breath. I am not ready to have a dog inside because i have small kid. well see someday if we can have dog. Now speaking of pet odor causing trouble, for those of you who own a dog, I found a website for you.can find pet care products and even a special perfume  just for your beloved pet.I love also outside dog way better because outside dog protect us from a bad people. dog man's bestfriend.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Want To pay Off your morgage?

 take a look at some of the potential costs and benefits. Recent  home prices, you may not have as much as you thought. This could be a problem, since you usually need to have equity to refinance at all. unless you qualify for one of these programs,  Also, you generally need to have at least 20% equity to refinance without having to pay private mortgage insurance.

Well you pay more or less in interest?

 the main cost will be the interest rate you'll pay on the new mortgage,  You could get a lower rate after refinancing if you have a 30-year loan and haven't refinanced in awhile.  However, if you're refinancing a recent 15-year loan, or if your credit has taken a hit, you may pay a higher rate. It could still make sense, though, depending on what you're using the extra cash for. a couple of ways to free up money from a refinance. One is with lower monthly payments, either because the interest rate is lower or because you're extending the loan term. The other is with a cash-out refinance, in which the mortgage company writes you a check for a lump sum. either two of this.

 This is the story of one who comments,

Take it from someone who paid off their mortgage and has no debt. The feeling is incredible  And the freedom. When that  example, $1000 or $15000 or $2000 is not going to pay off the house, and it goes in your pocket,  you can save it for your future or spend it now, your choice. I've had no such payments for 3 years now. And why I try to remain conservative in my spending, when I look over a list of new car and realize I could pay cash for many of them out of savings is a fantastic feeling. And the feelings I get when things do go wrong. A leak appeared in the water heater. Had someone came in and the estimate to replace it and clean up the area didn't faze me one bit. I charged it and then paid the bill in total when it came keeping my debt at zero. Not having all that debt over my head means a lot less stress in life.