Wednesday, July 4, 2012

buying a pet

Taking care of a pets take a lot time of  it never been easy for taking care inside dog specially food and other stuffs like feeding a good food if you like your dog to be looks nice.unless if you don't care the dog gets ugly lol. I like dog with has a lot of hair on it. They need to be sanitize as well that is especially when they are allowed to be inside the house.   cost money when you have a special dog inside your house. few of my friends have dog inside the house sometimes have a allergy Pets can make an open house.  inially have to hold your breath. I am not ready to have a dog inside because i have small kid. well see someday if we can have dog. Now speaking of pet odor causing trouble, for those of you who own a dog, I found a website for you.can find pet care products and even a special perfume  just for your beloved pet.I love also outside dog way better because outside dog protect us from a bad people. dog man's bestfriend.

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