Friday, July 27, 2012

My Own Craft using Astro Bright papers.

This post brought to you by Astrobrights Papers by Neenah Paper. All opinions are 100% mine.

Instead of hiding your memories, put them on display by crafting a photo on  decorative piece.  back in time when my son was a baby he has plenty of photos that i save on my desk i had a several albums that i craft, in this way the photo was taken. cherished the  memories of days past.  Using a photo editing i resize the photos so that it well fit  for album and it's really unique for best  results, each photo i  maximize the contrast, and adjust the brightness  each photo  as sharp as it can be  Print each photo. scan your photos into the computer, and using photo editing software to your frames, and convert  to black and white. Print them using an ink-jet printer from your computer. A Vellum paper, Trim the photos to fit the frames, and place them into the frames. Form the frames into a triangle and hinge them together using cloth tape. Stand the frame up,

I just bought a form of cube frame  last couple of week because i am doing to craft my son's photos
 and arrange the photos of  my choice. You may also arrange photos along the sides of the box, and cut the photos into various shapes. Using rubber cement, glue the photos to the box, and use a craft spatula to smooth the photo down. Decorate the box with colored puff paint, glitter, hot glue and beads or bows, or any other number of decorative items.  That's what i did using astro bright papers because it has many different colors it very colorful though it make my son busy doing something while out of school.  Make me happy he could create his own way and so do i  by using this astro bright papers is fun and give some ideas on our mind. I have many plenty of craft here need to buy other stuffs like glue, ribbon and so on IM out of it.  So why you can't make it instead of seating without doing nothing.

When Using my  bookmark,  Cut a strip of thick, sturdy ribbon, such as grosgrain ribbon, that is about two inches wide, and three inches longer than twice the length of a book. Cut each end of the ribbon into a pointed tip; this will help to prevent the ends from fraying and the ribbon from ripping at the seams. Hand-stitch a one-and-a-half-inch by two-inch photograph to the ribbon. Two stitches in each corner will do. For your larger picture, find a piece of ribbon that has a larger width.  Enjoy and have fun create  this on your own  ideas and share  through facebook and twitter or other social network.   please include also the phashtag #goastrobrights. 


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