Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Rockers

My 5 year old kid is really into music. He has guitars, but he absolutely loves this one. It plays  cool songs like Crazy  he watch kids channel  "  The disney channel"  he gets into music It was fun to see him infront of the TV.  I watching him he sing the Break it down from the the disney channel.  it's  not because  annoying like his other kids show like spongebob and Wiggles guitars, and it actually has strings he can strum.  how i wish I downloaded  songs from i-tunes and he plays along. Since his guitar is not in shape, he was break the string last week, he also pretends it's a violin. it's fun to see him. he is just play with it almost everyday he told me he like guitar i bet like his dad  turn into music.

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