Thursday, August 30, 2012

Football Season

For the football funs, Are you ready for Football season? I been waiting to type the words for quite some time now. The day is finally here. We knew that this is going to be excited for the fans and so do i and my friend they love football as well as my kid he is now a football fan. The last few months and especially the last few weeks, have been very difficult. I love taking vacation time, I have many assorted assignment going on. When the football season in august is coming everyone else are get ready for the game.
Now that the preseason is over, it's time to get to the real games. There are four great games on tap for tonight. It should be a great way to start off the upcoming season. Last year's game was really good, I well be expect this to be a very competitive game as my friend's said they would be happy to watch football game on the stadium.

We are very happy and excited to watch the football again. kid and my fiance happy to together to go the Buffalo Wild Wings to eat. A great place because their menu has some variety and servers are usually friendly and there is fun stuff all over the walls for kids. Still enjoy a meal out now and then. We can talk and have fun without having to cook and clean up But it is always a challenge to find someplace that is inexpensive and that everyone of us well enjoy. how about you? did you enjoy the football games? did you having a fun with them? because as far as when my friends come over to our house we had so much fun. We have cooking out like grill outside in that way while cooking and cheers we watch the game and so much fun at all because our team is great. Sometimes me and my fiance went out for dinner the two us we give ourselves to have time each other. He treat me for dinner which is good. So how happy i am. Did you treat your girlfriend? or your wife or husband?
Protect the football. Get to B-Dubs

Sunday, August 26, 2012

My student


starting  Pre-kindergarten on time made him among the very youngest in his class. The  state, like Florida has a 5-by-Sept.1 rule for enrolling. thinking he might do better if he was older, more mature, a bit bigger. But the boy was also  bright, a kid who seemed eager to learn and ready for more than preschool. What to do?
Unsure, my parents  in- law turned to an educational consultant that they knew. their view my inlaws after evaluating their other grandson Get that kid in kindergarten. So they did. And two years later, he’s doing well.
I believe send the kids in pre school  which is good because it's help the kid learn more. the way they meet other  kids they also enteract  how to learn like drawing, writing and many more,  It say's student learn first at school. after those moment and in today My kid learns alot every year he progressive and develop he's mind.  now my kid is in kindegarten.  he well be 1st grade next year. So thankful to them, my mom inlaw and dad inlaw. although  i still think of them and love them.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Well Being My health

Many of us are busy counting calories, carbs, or fat grams. It’s also vital to consider whether we are get enough nutrients from those food choices. For example, there have been times in my life when I followed a low fat vegetarian diet. Yet it was filled with junk food like cheese puffs, pre-packed noodles, and vending machine fare – not exactly nutritional superfoods. How much fiber, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients a food that we ate, regarding to calories. Consider the 100 calories can buy you 2 cups of halved strawberries, offering 6 grams of fiber, lots of vitamin C and other nutrients. The same 100 calories’ worth of raisins one of those tiny boxes has only a couple of grams of fiber and far less of many nutrients. One cup of OJ has hardly any fiber. When it comes to grains, you could spend 250 calories on a cup of cooked amaranth and get over 9 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber, with a dose of iron and minerals, too. The same number of calories in saltine crackers  about 20  offers much less fiber, protein and minerals. Leafy greens are at the top of scale, followed by non-leafy vegetables, and cookies and cola are at the very bottom. Here are ways to incorporate foods with high nutrition density into our life.  there are certain programs that are offered to effectively enhance for individual health and wellness functional. My Well-Being is important. many people are health conscious  about their body specially when they are old. It would be interesting  note that  My Well-Being program is entitle for a FREE Dummies book. It well help you to guide towards  self-improvement. Check it out this. It well help you.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012



I am full time mom, happy go lucky but we can't exit the bad gossip from the people we dont exactly  know. I am blessed to have  few loyal friends who keep updated for me every now and then. they said i need to pampering myself to love and my kid than to think others. I am actually say that i am a simply person but other people say, I change since i moved with an apartment. neederless they know me then you can say "I like you because your simple woman" speaking of being a woman, i would say i am a typical woman that doesn't put a make up. as simply  as i could afford buy a alot of make up if I could however i rather spend my money from  my pocket  and save it. getting jealous is not a good idea. because seems thats your not contented what u have we have to thankful god   he give us a shelter to live, and he given us a food to eat too.

I am practical to say i would pampering myself to go anywhere maybe  we go to spa or saloon
or something going to watch a movie with my kid but I have no fun at all when it comes to movie.

During our vacay in PH. this year
I thinking about it that buy myself a jewelry or ring anyone the mention above.  well see on the weekend coming.I remember my hubby pampering me every year.  went to saloon get my hair done, spa, sometimes going out of town. i don't know if is going to happen. I hope so if not Np.  No problem i can pamper myseld and my kid. for maybe a spend my friend. Its good to treat ourselves sometimes because  money sometimes is gone, it goes to the bills. haha.  it is true i hate bills. :D

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First day of School

My kid started kindergarten yesterday, he looked so happy waiting of his new teacher. A backpack loaded with all the school supplies on his backpack.. Now I know why back to school for the kids are happy and excited. Fortunately, he was well prepared for the first day of kindergarten. he woke up very early it makes me surprised because he's up sometimes 9. I think he got excited on that day. We got at the school a little early because i don't  stuck in the traffic. Good to know that my kid is being polite and nice. A night before we asleep he keep talking about his school. He was asking me if he still go on the same school that he went last year and i said nope. your going in other school and that school we go to is quit bigger than the old school you had he is really serious listening to my story. I tell him about the school, discuss what we going to do in the first day of his school. his packpack is get so heavy there were many school stuffs so i would carry it only in first day later on he would not having a hard time to carry his packpack. The first day on his school is went great. I don't have any problem on his school. How about you does your kid stranged at day one?

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Apple iPhone 5 with better battery

Special accessories to boost the battery life of the iPhone, like the ones shown here, may no longer be needed with Apple&#039;s iPhone 5.  The company is rumored to be using a battery with more juice than previous models.

I looking the website within a month-and-a-half, have developed over the features, specs. and capabilities of Apple's latest smartphone.  The most recent speculation involves a better battery which will give a bit more juice  than previous versions of the phone.  there was an image of the newest battery for the iPhone which the site  9to5Mac obtained.  It displays  a battery which has a 1440 capacity.   For comparison's sake, the iPhone 4S has a 1430, and the iPhone 4 has 1420. The reason for the battery increase could hinge on the fact the new smartphone will have 4G LTE capabilities. Some bloggers and tech analysts are speculating that a larger 4-inch screen could drain more battery power. However, it seems Apple is looking to address the ongoing issue that many iPhone users have complained about, with their phone batteries running low quicker than they like.

Apple is expected to report the new iPhone 5 when it unveils its newest mobile operating system iOS 6 on September 12th.  the company has yet to officially confirm that date announcement of a new smartphone. those who are buying a iphone check it out this coming next month.  happy weekend everyone.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ways to Be Closer to Your Siblings.

As children we fight and argue. But, as we get older, most of us want a more meaningful connection with our sisters and brothers. However, it's not always simple. Here's a ways to improve your relationship with your siblings.  Put the past behind you. Get rid of any guilt over the tricks you pulled on your younger brother, or  sister, and forget about the dress your sister forgot to return. Make a serious effort to put these where they belong in the past. More than just the standard events such as graduations, weddings, and Christmas, Your relationships  are often set back by gossip, whether that means dropping a secret to another sibling or listening avidly as parents complain about your brother or sister spending too much on his/her friends or Predictably,  all this talk erodes trust and makes it very difficult for you to be close with your siblings. So, stop doing it. And if you are having difficulty separating yourself from your mom's complaints, remember she probably does it to you too.

PH.  Vacay.

As a kid, you may have been bound by a particular role. And maybe this role still sticks with you in the family. If you're not too fond of your typecasting then try something like, Next time you are eating together, play up your siblings the genius, working out at the gym or your sister, the athlete, just completed her thesis. Giving credit to your siblings for growing up means they'll likely reciprocate with you as well. Send a text from time to time. Siblings are most important first before other people.



Monday, August 13, 2012

Stream movie from PC to TV.

I have a computer at the house i collect of digital movie . In another room I have a TV. I want to stream a selection of MKV and AVI videos to the TV. I can also put the movies on an external hard drive  if that makes it easier for me. What would be the cheapest way to display the movies on my TV?  Solve this problem would make me finally watch a nice movie in my house with my kid we do like it specially there's a bunce of good movies today. 

I Get into the habit of moving my  other media files off  to my PC either an external USB drive or a Home Server.
 but seems to be more reliable on PS3 and install it on the computer with the media. there are many options on this. browse content and hit play. So note that if the file has encoding errors on my PC may just work but i keep playing where the PS3 or X360 a simply way  to play the file. The device is including Xbox connected to the TV to find  stream  content to the TV. If you have both an xbox 360 and ps3 on network connecting 2 different tvs to computer holding all vids. this is extremely easy to use for streaming pics audio and video and the 360 is a also good.
this is compatible from XP using media player 11 and from tiger using PS3 extender.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

My kid learning Reading alot

Introducing my child to read the book in a way that get him excited about the stories may contain  interesting. basically, My job is to show him that books are important and fun. The best way to accomplish in  this is by reading to him As of now he  enjoy looking at simple word books with pictures and labels. repetitive and rhyming books are most likes to capture my child's interest, and between 5 and 6, he'll begin to enjoy books with more text and simple story lines although he read his book everyday and keep him recognized the word and sentence. I am surely to let him hold the book so he can see the pictures easily, and point to things that seem to capture his attention when he was reading.I know that he is interesting reading the point is after 20 or 30 minutes he  turn his head into the disney channel look at him he is so silly monkey i called him he's reading his books.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Visit The doctor

My kid  refuses to get undressed for physical.  we went to his doctor yesterday he's willing to do blood pressure,vision, hearing,height and weight but when it comes time his pants off he refuses. I know it needs to be done from before next day. it needed for his school.  While waiting for his doctor  he's seen the alphabet on the top and he read it.  he was smiling when the doctor came he got mad because he doesn't like the physical exam he has no choice.. it needed. point of view... he's even willing to get vaccinations he has always had trust the doctor but he get mad when it comes to let him check his private  part. he has come along way in the last year and I don't want to ruin the trust he has in me now by forcing him. The Dr. seems to be getting impatient with him and I guess feels like he should just got mad at me, lol.   help mom. haha.  school needs physical forms it's require by the school.  forms unless he gets undressed... they are calling my son hey little cute and after that he was fine.  and done the exam.  I know he is really trying hard and it's something he is just not comfortable with.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dollar General Back to School Sales

The prize go up every year. for back-to-school things. I shop for few days ago  and it's important for me to buy the items  i need for my kid school supply at the lowest possible cost. Dollar General also sells a few school items that other discount stores don't have in stock.  Whatever cash I can save on these purchases, I'll spend on other things for kid.

 As a mom i make sure that my list is not over limit. Shoppers should make a list, Dollar General Back to School can help find a good deal. everything they need, for each child. School supplies vary, from school to school, and from grade to grade. Folks who keep an exact list of the things the kids need for school will save the most money. Dollar General's back-to-school items that are on sale include, but are not limited to. We went to Dollar general store a few days ago.  Their sales are  effective until the last day of September. However, it's advisable to buy as many of your child's school supplies. We are fortunate not to have to buy much since the school provides most of what the kids need, but I’ll definitely be looking at Dollar General for what we do need to buy. I’ve already printed out the 20% off coupon so I’m all set. I was glad my kid doesn't  complaining anymore about school supply he's happy to check his back pack .

Good Deal for buying a shoes When you have coupon and Reward member.

This post brought to you by Famous Footwear. All opinions are 100% mine.


There are so many options available, and so many available to shops that i want to buy shoes from them, my family. the members of my family need a shoes because it's been a while to buy them a shoes because i have many things to do. I am specific in the type of shoes that require my siblings . Last couple of weeks i bought a shoes at  shoe store for them they need a shoes because they are going to works on our new house.  My biggest tip is that the FIT of the shoe is the most important factor when buying shoes
The shoe should have about a finger width of space between the big toe and the end of the shoe. Make sure your child is standing up straight when measuring the shoe or the foot will not be positioned accurately.




I would make sure that i buy the right size for them because it's hard to buying a shoes when your not sure for the right size. As for myself it's easy to buy rather than buying a shoes for other people because of the different sizes but i can make it. I'll make sure i have their right size of their feet. Good to know it was indeed perfect i bought them a shoes which is good i never have problem to change it. My biggest tip is that the fit of the shoe is the most important factor when buying shoes Incorrectly fitting shoes can make it difficult to walk or run comfortably it can lead to aches and pains.






So when you are shoe shopping, it’s a good idea to ensure the shoes are fitted correctly. Aside for my siblings, My kid also need a shoes for his school. The school is soon to begin next couple of weeks.I was browsing the web online and i could see there are many good deals for kids shoes. I always check the prize before i went to the store I have many magazines on my table i keep looking around which is good.

You can save money while shopping for shoes. We are smart when it comes shopping for shoes and do you also? saving money money by shopping to Famous footwear. The BOGO + 15% off Famous Footwear Coupon that you can avail for an easy way.

You can print the coupon and redeem it in store between 8/2-8/18. You can also avail the 15% off + BUGO shoes that you can buy one and get one half off. You can earn one (1) point for every $1 you spend in-store or online. The more points you earn, the fastest you can accumulate points to earn certificates up to $100 a year. You can also receive discount offer just for signing up. You can also receive special discounts and perk when signing up. You also receive an additional 5% off when you are reward members. I cannot believe the savings that I receive. I bet You are happy and excited to know this good deal for shoes shopping. in addition you save more money.

will just join the FREE rewards program now. I know that my kid need shoes for the whole of the school year. I hope that you can join too. We can enjoy the rewards and the benefits for being a member together.   







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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Wonderful craft

What you well need is.

        Paper plate
        Red acrylic or poster paint
        Green Construction paper
         Brown chenille stem, preferably bumpy chenille
         2  small wiggle eyes   1 miniature pom-pom
        Scrap of yellow construction paper.   White craft glue
        Black marker.

Using a craft knife or scissors, cut a slit, about 1 ½" long, into the apple at the location you want the worm to poke through.
Insert the tail end of the worm into the slit so the top half of his body is poking.
the first bump off of the bumpy chenille, or about 3" of regular chenille stem. Turn the plate over and glue the chenille just below the "V" point at the top. Let dry.  I can choose 23 bright colors to choose for. They have a fun filler bright colors and adhesive paper from envelopes and note cubes. I am able to create a nice cards and wonderful greetings card and many more.

back to school season. School supplies are on sale, clothing stores are advertising must have outfits that children and teachers are gearing up for school.  You can help your local teachers at your local elementary school by entering that  Give a Brighter Year sweepstakes  Your school can win a bunch of school supplies valued at $30,000! And you can also win a cash prize.
Keeping in line with back to school season Astro Brights is hosting a family-friendly design challenge. Make sure to harness  all of your family's creativity and enter the Make Something Astro Brights challenge. Share photos and videos of your project and make sure to use the hash tag #goastrobrights if you share your creation on Pinterest or Twitter. You can win Astro Brights paper and other awesome prizes.

I actually think I have a couple of stacks of Astro Brights paper in my craft room. If I get a chance I'll
 get  to work and we'll share with you what i made. I have many ideas to make many craft like making a flowers and picture frame for my kid  hanging on his room. this is something very cool he  keeping busy doing his craft he had.

Friday, August 3, 2012

BOGO, Back to school Again

Back to School styles

School time again, Just looking around Payless Shoe Source up on their offer. Plus, with all the locations around our town. it should be easy to find near here.  Now, what I want to look for is shoes and a bag and other stuffs for my kid school supply  Guys and girls like need something for all  their  new books and so on.  I Buy One Get One for him which is good because i can discount it and then whatever the special may be in this case, the BOGO from Payless Shoe Source, is a good deal for me  stands for 'Buy One Get One off"  This offer can be a good deal for those well in budget. it should be easy to find one near by your house.

   At BOGO  can save some good deals like  Airwalk or flashy pair of  boots, Champion  or any other type of sandals and many more.  to help pay  what i need to fill my bag. We had fun making up some great combinations and get ready to head back to school  fashionable and affordable.  Don't forget to have a great deal when headed to the store.    The Rack Room  also has BOGO half of any second pair every day.  it is possible to combine the dreams of a thrifty fashion shopper and a being in  fashion.  This is an opportunity for me get the metallic mixes that sparkle, accents that make the shoes dazzle and wedges that shine at bargain prices.

 Although i am not shopping a lot but these is my time now to buy something for myself and my kid because it has may great prizes and you can discount it before the deals is gone.  Me, my kid and my friend went to the shopping  mall yesterday i was amazed because there was a store that  they had many great prizesd.  I'ts good that we went over there we bought some denim short and skirt. but nothing can beat the price of  Payless  shoe source because they had half off price .  They Featured this week are Fila  athletic shoes for men and women, Rider and Blue Fin thong sandals for ladies.

Buy any pair of glasses valued at $50  and get a second pair of glasses has FREE Code.
Take 10% off any order.  Their lowest prices guaranteed, but they also guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.  Refer-a-friend program where you will get a $30 credit toward your next pair of glasses per each referred friend’s first purchased. and  don't forget their facebook page provides fans with exclusive discounts.  Don't forget too print out your coupon and redeem at the store. alright we had fun shopping, happy to know that there is store like this.  He is ready for schooling again.