Saturday, August 18, 2012

Apple iPhone 5 with better battery

Special accessories to boost the battery life of the iPhone, like the ones shown here, may no longer be needed with Apple's iPhone 5.  The company is rumored to be using a battery with more juice than previous models.

I looking the website within a month-and-a-half, have developed over the features, specs. and capabilities of Apple's latest smartphone.  The most recent speculation involves a better battery which will give a bit more juice  than previous versions of the phone.  there was an image of the newest battery for the iPhone which the site  9to5Mac obtained.  It displays  a battery which has a 1440 capacity.   For comparison's sake, the iPhone 4S has a 1430, and the iPhone 4 has 1420. The reason for the battery increase could hinge on the fact the new smartphone will have 4G LTE capabilities. Some bloggers and tech analysts are speculating that a larger 4-inch screen could drain more battery power. However, it seems Apple is looking to address the ongoing issue that many iPhone users have complained about, with their phone batteries running low quicker than they like.

Apple is expected to report the new iPhone 5 when it unveils its newest mobile operating system iOS 6 on September 12th.  the company has yet to officially confirm that date announcement of a new smartphone. those who are buying a iphone check it out this coming next month.  happy weekend everyone.


  1. mao ni imo mga gadgets Marie :-) kadaghan jud hehehe

  2. waaaaa, dghan tan-awon ba. sa dream ra nako n. no money now. chada kaayo tanawon lahi2x klase but contento nako sa akoa phone.