Friday, August 3, 2012

BOGO, Back to school Again

Back to School styles

School time again, Just looking around Payless Shoe Source up on their offer. Plus, with all the locations around our town. it should be easy to find near here.  Now, what I want to look for is shoes and a bag and other stuffs for my kid school supply  Guys and girls like need something for all  their  new books and so on.  I Buy One Get One for him which is good because i can discount it and then whatever the special may be in this case, the BOGO from Payless Shoe Source, is a good deal for me  stands for 'Buy One Get One off"  This offer can be a good deal for those well in budget. it should be easy to find one near by your house.

   At BOGO  can save some good deals like  Airwalk or flashy pair of  boots, Champion  or any other type of sandals and many more.  to help pay  what i need to fill my bag. We had fun making up some great combinations and get ready to head back to school  fashionable and affordable.  Don't forget to have a great deal when headed to the store.    The Rack Room  also has BOGO half of any second pair every day.  it is possible to combine the dreams of a thrifty fashion shopper and a being in  fashion.  This is an opportunity for me get the metallic mixes that sparkle, accents that make the shoes dazzle and wedges that shine at bargain prices.

 Although i am not shopping a lot but these is my time now to buy something for myself and my kid because it has may great prizes and you can discount it before the deals is gone.  Me, my kid and my friend went to the shopping  mall yesterday i was amazed because there was a store that  they had many great prizesd.  I'ts good that we went over there we bought some denim short and skirt. but nothing can beat the price of  Payless  shoe source because they had half off price .  They Featured this week are Fila  athletic shoes for men and women, Rider and Blue Fin thong sandals for ladies.

Buy any pair of glasses valued at $50  and get a second pair of glasses has FREE Code.
Take 10% off any order.  Their lowest prices guaranteed, but they also guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.  Refer-a-friend program where you will get a $30 credit toward your next pair of glasses per each referred friend’s first purchased. and  don't forget their facebook page provides fans with exclusive discounts.  Don't forget too print out your coupon and redeem at the store. alright we had fun shopping, happy to know that there is store like this.  He is ready for schooling again.


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  3. very colorful and affordable shoes :-)

  4. Yes very affordable mao lage lami shopping pag ka sunod wa nay sapi ky cge nlang tan-aw sa mga shoes. nindot og brato pa jod. thanx sa pag visit.