Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dollar General Back to School Sales

The prize go up every year. for back-to-school things. I shop for few days ago  and it's important for me to buy the items  i need for my kid school supply at the lowest possible cost. Dollar General also sells a few school items that other discount stores don't have in stock.  Whatever cash I can save on these purchases, I'll spend on other things for kid.

 As a mom i make sure that my list is not over limit. Shoppers should make a list, Dollar General Back to School can help find a good deal. everything they need, for each child. School supplies vary, from school to school, and from grade to grade. Folks who keep an exact list of the things the kids need for school will save the most money. Dollar General's back-to-school items that are on sale include, but are not limited to. We went to Dollar general store a few days ago.  Their sales are  effective until the last day of September. However, it's advisable to buy as many of your child's school supplies. We are fortunate not to have to buy much since the school provides most of what the kids need, but I’ll definitely be looking at Dollar General for what we do need to buy. I’ve already printed out the 20% off coupon so I’m all set. I was glad my kid doesn't  complaining anymore about school supply he's happy to check his back pack .

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