Thursday, August 23, 2012



I am full time mom, happy go lucky but we can't exit the bad gossip from the people we dont exactly  know. I am blessed to have  few loyal friends who keep updated for me every now and then. they said i need to pampering myself to love and my kid than to think others. I am actually say that i am a simply person but other people say, I change since i moved with an apartment. neederless they know me then you can say "I like you because your simple woman" speaking of being a woman, i would say i am a typical woman that doesn't put a make up. as simply  as i could afford buy a alot of make up if I could however i rather spend my money from  my pocket  and save it. getting jealous is not a good idea. because seems thats your not contented what u have we have to thankful god   he give us a shelter to live, and he given us a food to eat too.

I am practical to say i would pampering myself to go anywhere maybe  we go to spa or saloon
or something going to watch a movie with my kid but I have no fun at all when it comes to movie.

During our vacay in PH. this year
I thinking about it that buy myself a jewelry or ring anyone the mention above.  well see on the weekend coming.I remember my hubby pampering me every year.  went to saloon get my hair done, spa, sometimes going out of town. i don't know if is going to happen. I hope so if not Np.  No problem i can pamper myseld and my kid. for maybe a spend my friend. Its good to treat ourselves sometimes because  money sometimes is gone, it goes to the bills. haha.  it is true i hate bills. :D

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