Saturday, August 11, 2012

Visit The doctor

My kid  refuses to get undressed for physical.  we went to his doctor yesterday he's willing to do blood pressure,vision, hearing,height and weight but when it comes time his pants off he refuses. I know it needs to be done from before next day. it needed for his school.  While waiting for his doctor  he's seen the alphabet on the top and he read it.  he was smiling when the doctor came he got mad because he doesn't like the physical exam he has no choice.. it needed. point of view... he's even willing to get vaccinations he has always had trust the doctor but he get mad when it comes to let him check his private  part. he has come along way in the last year and I don't want to ruin the trust he has in me now by forcing him. The Dr. seems to be getting impatient with him and I guess feels like he should just got mad at me, lol.   help mom. haha.  school needs physical forms it's require by the school.  forms unless he gets undressed... they are calling my son hey little cute and after that he was fine.  and done the exam.  I know he is really trying hard and it's something he is just not comfortable with.