Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ways to Be Closer to Your Siblings.

As children we fight and argue. But, as we get older, most of us want a more meaningful connection with our sisters and brothers. However, it's not always simple. Here's a ways to improve your relationship with your siblings.  Put the past behind you. Get rid of any guilt over the tricks you pulled on your younger brother, or  sister, and forget about the dress your sister forgot to return. Make a serious effort to put these where they belong in the past. More than just the standard events such as graduations, weddings, and Christmas, Your relationships  are often set back by gossip, whether that means dropping a secret to another sibling or listening avidly as parents complain about your brother or sister spending too much on his/her friends or Predictably,  all this talk erodes trust and makes it very difficult for you to be close with your siblings. So, stop doing it. And if you are having difficulty separating yourself from your mom's complaints, remember she probably does it to you too.

PH.  Vacay.

As a kid, you may have been bound by a particular role. And maybe this role still sticks with you in the family. If you're not too fond of your typecasting then try something like, Next time you are eating together, play up your siblings the genius, working out at the gym or your sister, the athlete, just completed her thesis. Giving credit to your siblings for growing up means they'll likely reciprocate with you as well. Send a text from time to time. Siblings are most important first before other people.



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