Saturday, August 4, 2012

Wonderful craft

What you well need is.

        Paper plate
        Red acrylic or poster paint
        Green Construction paper
         Brown chenille stem, preferably bumpy chenille
         2  small wiggle eyes   1 miniature pom-pom
        Scrap of yellow construction paper.   White craft glue
        Black marker.

Using a craft knife or scissors, cut a slit, about 1 ½" long, into the apple at the location you want the worm to poke through.
Insert the tail end of the worm into the slit so the top half of his body is poking.
the first bump off of the bumpy chenille, or about 3" of regular chenille stem. Turn the plate over and glue the chenille just below the "V" point at the top. Let dry.  I can choose 23 bright colors to choose for. They have a fun filler bright colors and adhesive paper from envelopes and note cubes. I am able to create a nice cards and wonderful greetings card and many more.

back to school season. School supplies are on sale, clothing stores are advertising must have outfits that children and teachers are gearing up for school.  You can help your local teachers at your local elementary school by entering that  Give a Brighter Year sweepstakes  Your school can win a bunch of school supplies valued at $30,000! And you can also win a cash prize.
Keeping in line with back to school season Astro Brights is hosting a family-friendly design challenge. Make sure to harness  all of your family's creativity and enter the Make Something Astro Brights challenge. Share photos and videos of your project and make sure to use the hash tag #goastrobrights if you share your creation on Pinterest or Twitter. You can win Astro Brights paper and other awesome prizes.

I actually think I have a couple of stacks of Astro Brights paper in my craft room. If I get a chance I'll
 get  to work and we'll share with you what i made. I have many ideas to make many craft like making a flowers and picture frame for my kid  hanging on his room. this is something very cool he  keeping busy doing his craft he had.

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