Friday, September 28, 2012

Nonsense tights and leggings

Cotton Leggings

Legging is an essential piece for everyday dressing. Designed to mold our body, This pant should be tight for me allow for the material to relax. Ideal for every occasion because is already fall i  need something to make me feel good and feel comfortable need to wear much more very nice legging  it's easy to move around can wore it anywhere,anytime. As for me this is very easy to wash by hand i won't allow into washing machine because it well be shrink. Just take care how you wash your clothes or stuff so it well long last. This tights and leggings are awesome Pair with my blazer and blouse for outdoor wear or team with an  chunky knit for a more casual look. Made from 96% cotton 4% spandex. Available in black and elephant.  This season's must  have fashion trend.  Infinite comfort with gentle elastic waist.  It mix of fabrics feel soft and gently hugs on my skinny leg. Spandex for freedom of movement. Wear as a layer or on its own. Available in black, charcoal heather and espresso. By the way hope it well arrive here before October they sent me this for free.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Art Lesson for my Kid

Art work for my kid in his school

Bulleten Board

Art  are always popular in the elementary grades so here are some art that my kid do at school i was happy that he likes art. I  hope will inspire for other kids as well as art is good for kids. I would love to hear  some  ideas. Yesterday we went to school my kid show me his art display in bulleten board i was so happy because it's desplaying in the bulleten board. for this reason i am thinking  that my kid likes art. last  couple of weeks i been sick due to changing weather also he miss his school because no one can take him in school. he was  not happy when he is the house he gets bored eventually just purchased him a markers. crayons, geltters and papers. i should buy it i would like him to be able to write and draw so he has something to busy but he's mind is in the school.but then a couple of minutes he draw a building and other stuffs. Have found that the brown paper life size art  work really well with my kid. these one well encourage positive relationships between the students and teacher. When the art are finished, Every child says something nice about their work art  and this is written down all around their paper. that's my kid said  they intertain their art after They done then displayed it at school so that every child can read all the wonderful things they did.

 My kid is a good kid he doesn't distract his mom if i am not feeling good. My kid is smart he learns  art, write, math other things i was surprise  he did not do this last year. somehow, someday he well be a big boy how i wish he would not growing.  The only thing i can assure  i treasure all his stuffs or i should put in Cd in that way we well look and watch. Couldn't believe he's getting bigger.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Well Being

This post brought to you by Well being by humana  All opinions are 100% mine.

We all know or should know what is good and not good for us. This means choosing the right foods  giving up hamburgers and instead eating a salad or dry sandwich. Foregoing my favorite a Starbucks blueberry strudel muffin with coffee and, instead, opting for a fiber bar and a piece of fruit. The hardest change in my diet will be quitting diet Cokes that those who drank diet soda every day had a 61% higher risk of stroke and heart attack in favor of green tea.

 my only window to exercise is between 8.00 am and 10.00 Sure, I could run over to the gym during lunch, but I know too well the high likelihood that my workday will get away from me once it starts. I also know that exercise is much easier and enjoyable once you make it a routine. So, I will be up and on the road before the sun rises.  I enjoy running and walking and can do both during the week. If the weather is bad, I do it and stationary bike at home. I plan on hitting the links  and swinging a racquet when we can on the weekends.  As I mentioned, I would like to slim down by the end of this year I know how many pounds I need to lose between now and then and will keep track of calories and amount of exercise each week to make sure I am on track to reaching my goal. will be right around the end of the year and I will update you on my progress.  you would agree that I could lose a few pounds, exercise more, and eat better  right food. But with the long hours that come with a very busy dayto day job and spending time with my kid when I am not workout, finding time to exercise and eat healthily seem less important. 45 to 61 percent of corporate male leadership are overweight and five percent are obese Only 22 percent of women at the top are overweight and,  another study showed that lack of exercise kills roughly as many people as smoking and that lack of exercise is the main problem. try to goal how to  maintain your exercise.

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

You Can Save on Dollar General.

budget and buy the school supplies that i need at reasonable prices. This is my chance to stock up for other school related items. The sale includes hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and Ziploc sandwich bags. Debbie Prince, bag pack, and other school supply for my kid going back school next couple of weeks. I surely make a list, of everything i need, for my child. School supplies vary, from school to school, and from grade to grade. Folks who keep an exact list of the things the kids need for school will save the money. Dollar General’s back-to-school items that are on sale include, boys and girls bag pack and other related school supply. 

Dollar General

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Great Furniture I been Looking

This post brought to you by Havertys Furniture. All opinions are 100% mine.


Layla Collection
layla Collection

Living room furniture is simply the best because of it's all solid wood, handcrafted construction and professional hand finish! Browse  the Mission living room suites.  to enjoy our  guests more. Removing the restrictions on how  we  normally utilize a space. Havertys: Discover Something You  It's catch my attention a piece of furniture can make our entertaining look effortless. the Pieces are easily moved from room to room can help create an expanded entertainment.

My boyfriend and I visited this location looking for furniture for the living room, having purchased the previous sofa, and chair from Havertys furniture. We weren't sure exactly what we wanted so we looked just about every sofa they had while an eager sales. the woman followed us around the store, eavesdropping on our conversation but offering somewhat helpful facts on the pieces in which we expressed some interest. We decided on a reclining leather sofa. The recliner and began attempting to negotiate on price. We were not shocked when the sales woman laughed in our faces saying that there's a way we were going to get to discount down the price. Luckily, we found a better quality living room set for the same price store and were glad that we give Havertys our trust I will buy from Havertys again by the next time i want a furniture for my house I stick with local business who respect their customers. well be come back again on that said furniture they give you a good deal for it so you can save again. buy now.

Most important, We can provide ways for our visitors to intertaining them whenever they visit my home.
The piece of  stained to enhance the appearance and sealed to protect it through many years. I logged on to Havertys Online Store and looking dresser and i see the dresser is good but i might be wait until I get my money again need to save more for that dresser  before get another one. The quality of furniture is good and i like also there salesman approachable and kind.

Next day is Showing Sept. 15 is Designing an Entertainment Space,  If you plan  to redesign your living room or entertainment space. take a look a photo i post here.  check it out their Website on Oct.13 for Seasonal Escapes which is all about Designing for Seasons; Nov.10 for Winter Colors which is Designing to Incorporate Winter Colors and Dec.1 is  about Finishing Touches by Making that Room Complete.
Hit like Havertys fan page on Facebook and follow for a chance to get a $50 gift card give away. Enjoy the shopping guys  have fun at Havertys furniture.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Furniture that I looking

Southbrook Cocktail Ottoman
Cocktail Ottoman

Layla Collection
layla Collection

The Layla collection has a rub-through black gesso finish that sets the perfect stage for any d├ęcor. Black and white could never be dull accompanied by this stylish collection. It’s perfect for a family’s needs . It makes a dramatic impression on any house guest, and  not hides any impressions of my home.

Havertys Furniture is a full-service specialty retailer of home furnishings and accessories. Visit their online or at one of over 100 store locations a variety of furniture for your living room, dining room, and bedroom,
My boyfriend and I visited this location looking for furniture for the living room, having purchased the previous sofa, and chair from Havertys furniture. We weren't sure exactly what we wanted so we looked just about every sofa they had while an eager sales. the woman followed us around the store, eavesdropping on our conversation but offering somewhat helpful facts on the pieces in which we expressed some interest.

 We decided on a layla  sofa These layla sofa begen attempting to negotiate the  price. The options were to pay cash or give them credit card I told the salesman not to change the delivery date As I was talking to the saleman, The procedure concerning  with my credit applications and it was the same across the board. But i was approve because i have a good credit history.  Customer fills it out, they well not run. It approved me. customer gets purchases on contract. whenever you have a problem regarding buying the furniture just ask  their customer services, salesman or call toll free Number. Indeed you solve your problem.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Housing for Low income

Florida Low Income Housing has been building affordable housing and communities since the opportunity to live the American dream. FLIHA offers five different communities to choose from. These Include, 

The HOME Program helps to expand the supply of decent, affordable housing for low- and very low-income families by providing grants to States and local governments called participating jurisdictions or  it's called PJs use their home grants to fund housing programs that meet local needs and priorities. PJs have a great deal of flexibility in designing their local HOME programs within the guidelines established by the HOME program.  PJs may use their HOME funds to help renters, new homebuyers, or existing homeowners. Since 1990 when the HOME Program was signed into law as Title II of the Cranston-Gonzalez National Affordable Housing Act (the HOME Investment Partnerships Act), affordable housing units have been acquired, constructed or rehabilitated, and nearly 84,000 tenants have received direct rental assistance.   just look this link, Green certification programs are helping these low-income housing projects to be sustainable and energy efficient, which helps keep operating costs low in the long run. Read on to view top 6 green supportive and low-income housing projects across the US. it might be i am the eligible of this housing loan i am trying to say i am lucky to have this if i wanted check it out now you'll figure it out when you read their requirments. there are to many housing who's right now who is affordable.