Friday, November 23, 2012

celebrate thanksgiving

thanksgiving holiday here in america is  part of the tradition to witness a turkey day. Such a goodfeeling also in a way that america celebrate it. They cook a big turkey  and other types of special food and appetizer i can't believe that i eat turkey since i live here. My mom in law are prepared turkey every thanksgiving she got many stuffs to prepare like stuffing,and other stuffs for the turkey and many more. We been to my inlaws yesterday and i am greatly appreciated for the food because it is very good and delicious my kid had fun to play his cousins as well as the adults are busy in the kichen  i also see all his cousins living in 100 miles away it's amazing because we can only see them once a year nor a year i mean sometimes twice a year they celebrate a birthday too on month on august. But favorite month is november they're family is intack and and loving so i am happy to be part of this family i am greatly bless of all the good things happen. I am so full when were home i am amazed what a plenty of food today in the table. Looking forward again next year. Happy thanksgiving everyone

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