Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Christmas light

Ho Ho Ho, on Christmas eve we drove around the neighborhood and watch the christmas light what a fantantic lights so very beautiful and bright i love going out on a nice cool lights to see the evening christmas lights before then we were been busy to prepared making christmas cookies as well as the food too after that we headed to drive around our neighboorhood and looking some christmas lights display i was amazed on the lights who display every corner and every houses has many lights. Every yard has a papa jesus display and include the santa too i think some of  the display houses are complete. Before that we going out to the house we seen some decorations right our next door i think people are spending more money just for christmas lights because they want their house are looks beautiful and  bright during christmas  however we knew that spend to much money for christmas are gone quick but some people likes to do this although they do not care much more important they share their blessings you know only happen every once a year.  Pretty much the whole neighborhood is in light more, most streets are decorated as a theme. So i bring my  camera and took few pictures i could not take some photos due to the car is moving anyway's we had fun at all those lights are amazing. have a bless christmas to all and god bless us in the coming year.


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Party dress

 I browsing the web and it took an attention of this eleagant dresses.  I remember i had a great time with friends  i miss those days when i went to party. Now time came i am invited on the party i hope i can wear a nice dress something elegant and comfortable to wear. My friend showed me this dress I've been amazed it so when I found it on online it was on sale original (Retail $90.00) I had to be think about it And of course I love this dress so much at first just to make sure it was as awesome when i look in the catalog there are many selections i could imagine what am i look like.  

This is so look pretty sexy and amazing has a cross-back, one-shoulder, double-strap one-shoulder, halter, and so on knotted-strap halter, you can create your own look, the possibilities are in your mind i can't wait to wear the dress on upcoming party. so many sexy ways to wear.

This must-have multi-way is the ultimate style chameleon that easily converts to create over ten unique, head-turning looks. drapey matte jersey that always looks polished, no matter how you wear it.


Friday, December 14, 2012

how proud I am

I can imagine he is getting big he's having maintained a  good grade up to that point but of course my C is my first priority in my life As a result, I knew that he is study his lesson everyday i remind him to study hard because he's dad is gone even though on my mind he's spirit is here he guide his kid on his school. I think at his age he understand about his dad anyway's long journey on my kid on his school. I wish him to grow up with has a fear of god and in with his mom too, me, i am the one who raise him  hard to imagine without father figure  he is lack of dad's guidance but he has a brother who look at him and visited sometimes and his uncles keep him up asking how my kid's  school and say he is doing good.   I pay him  on his birthday i give him money not to mention for  his good grades if he's grade is good then i give because he make me proud of it.
Before we went to bed last night he's study his homework which is good because i don't want to miss his lesson teacher well check the folder if he would not study  glad my C is doing good at his activities. One time i seen his teacher at hallway we talk about my C she would say he is participate at school activities and other curriculum. I would keep up my kid in school, He well be get smart like his dad. His dad was a smart i know everybody is different hope my kid is like his dad. 

Monday, December 10, 2012

My Fun Bite Review

FunBites are unique and fantastic item to make a cutting for food into small pieces and the kids well love it. This is cool stuff because it's easier to make they are cute indeed all you have to do is place the cutter on the top of  the food  and it well form on both sides grab handles press it down back and forth 6 times cut all the way the food use the FunBites and your done ready to eat the food you made.

My kid are enjoy being able to use the FunBites cutter this is a good idea for him to take his lunch at school everyday. I give you a small example for using from FunBites like,  Quesadillas, Cheese, Brownies, Sanwiches, turkey and many more. As i said this is fun you can use for making a Sandwiches for lunch this works for everything perfect gift also for your friends cool much easier  for the kids to eat no mess as well as save time. What are you waiting for try it now i thanks anyways from the FunBites they give me the opportunity to review the product it's awesome. Visit the FunBites at their  web as well as the Facebook link and Twitter too. Are they cute it is?


Thursday, December 6, 2012

flue again

I have been getting sick again i know i hated to be sick but what would i do the only thing i could do is go to the doctor and figure out what's happening to me. I could not imagine how hard it is to be sick here in the U.S  I am glad that the doctor's primary care is 1 mile away from where we live sometime we walk but i prefer to drive since i drop off my kid to the school. Since the winter started i been sick twice i knew i don't like the cold weather i get sick  even i wore my sweater. Glad that if i get sick i call my doctor right away. I got flue shot already  doctor told me i ate in a right time I could  tell that the cold somehow weakens my body maybe the immune system  and makes me weak  that is why i get sick. Anyways i fell better don't have to worry. I live here in america for many years this year only i had sick twice i am hoping that god well always guide us i have fear to be sick because it affect my kid's school he can't go to school if mommy is sick. For now i getting better and better thanks god he make me feel better. I link this 366 BPC