Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Christmas light

Ho Ho Ho, on Christmas eve we drove around the neighborhood and watch the christmas light what a fantantic lights so very beautiful and bright i love going out on a nice cool lights to see the evening christmas lights before then we were been busy to prepared making christmas cookies as well as the food too after that we headed to drive around our neighboorhood and looking some christmas lights display i was amazed on the lights who display every corner and every houses has many lights. Every yard has a papa jesus display and include the santa too i think some of  the display houses are complete. Before that we going out to the house we seen some decorations right our next door i think people are spending more money just for christmas lights because they want their house are looks beautiful and  bright during christmas  however we knew that spend to much money for christmas are gone quick but some people likes to do this although they do not care much more important they share their blessings you know only happen every once a year.  Pretty much the whole neighborhood is in light more, most streets are decorated as a theme. So i bring my  camera and took few pictures i could not take some photos due to the car is moving anyway's we had fun at all those lights are amazing. have a bless christmas to all and god bless us in the coming year.


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  1. The Christmas lights are always a beautiful sight on Christmas! We drove last Christmas eve too to a place called winter wonderland and we have enjoyed an ample display of lights as well. :)