Monday, December 10, 2012

My Fun Bite Review

FunBites are unique and fantastic item to make a cutting for food into small pieces and the kids well love it. This is cool stuff because it's easier to make they are cute indeed all you have to do is place the cutter on the top of  the food  and it well form on both sides grab handles press it down back and forth 6 times cut all the way the food use the FunBites and your done ready to eat the food you made.

My kid are enjoy being able to use the FunBites cutter this is a good idea for him to take his lunch at school everyday. I give you a small example for using from FunBites like,  Quesadillas, Cheese, Brownies, Sanwiches, turkey and many more. As i said this is fun you can use for making a Sandwiches for lunch this works for everything perfect gift also for your friends cool much easier  for the kids to eat no mess as well as save time. What are you waiting for try it now i thanks anyways from the FunBites they give me the opportunity to review the product it's awesome. Visit the FunBites at their  web as well as the Facebook link and Twitter too. Are they cute it is?


1 comment:

  1. This tool is I think perfect for picky eater! The fruits would really look more attractive with a funbite shape! I hope I can have one for my daughter!