Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Party dress

 I browsing the web and it took an attention of this eleagant dresses.  I remember i had a great time with friends  i miss those days when i went to party. Now time came i am invited on the party i hope i can wear a nice dress something elegant and comfortable to wear. My friend showed me this dress I've been amazed it so when I found it on online it was on sale original (Retail $90.00) I had to be think about it And of course I love this dress so much at first just to make sure it was as awesome when i look in the catalog there are many selections i could imagine what am i look like.  

This is so look pretty sexy and amazing has a cross-back, one-shoulder, double-strap one-shoulder, halter, and so on knotted-strap halter, you can create your own look, the possibilities are in your mind i can't wait to wear the dress on upcoming party. so many sexy ways to wear.

This must-have multi-way is the ultimate style chameleon that easily converts to create over ten unique, head-turning looks. drapey matte jersey that always looks polished, no matter how you wear it.



  1. I like the red one good for party. $90 still expensive to me. These dresses are lovely though.

  2. thanks sa comment :-) i love the blue so sexy ang likod nindot jd sya. maboslot ato bulsa mahal jd mas na pay mas brato ani. thx for stopping by

  3. I love the color of the second one but I don't like it's neckline. Beautiful selections!

  4. those are sexy stunning looking dress. I'm whoever wears like that would be the center of attraction that night :)

  5. all pretty dresses, same with chubskulit comment i like the second one especially the color but If i will wear this i don't think I'm comfortable with the neckline :)


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