Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Guitar

Before christmas my kid asking me to buy a guitar and just told him no need to buy a guitar he has already one but he well keep saying yes it is i have one too but way to smaller because i am a big boy, that's what he said he don't like it because he know's it is small the thing why he like to buy another one is he want to practice and learn guitar at home.  Definately i could see his  hobby at home after he get home from school he use a stick and get his drum and playing infront of the TV even before when he was 2 years old he get his little drum and sing infront of the TV now i realized that he would like to be learn more playing guitar and sing just  like his dad their both the same hobbies i was sad thinking that he is here watching his son. But somehow, somewhere life is beautiful dispite of what happening.  I strolling the mall after christmas i sew a guitar that my son likes it i might be get one for him actually he like black and silver he is not picky anyways. I notice him almost everyday he is singing infront in the TV just wait kid i get you one if mommy win a lotto  :) joke.  Maybe i get him one.



  1. Your son must be a good artist :) it's nice to hear a kid having a passion over something and music is even cooler.

  2. Maybe you can get him one when you go visit the Philippines, it's cheaper hehehe.