Friday, February 1, 2013

My Avon Product

We went out of town last weekend we bought some grocery i ask my boyfriend for going to buy a fresh vegestable since that buying other stuffs last couple of months  ago was not good at the other filipino market. This market is different I like the filipino store close by my house but sadly they're closed already i think  their bussness  is slow that's a reason many bussness are get into bankcrupt due to economy is down. back to my Avon, It's unpurpose to buy Avon but when i look these product I could not skip to buy because it was on sale  usually I order online  but then this market we went by has many sales almost everything there are plenty of  good stuffs if you are wise and want to save, all you can do is  shop this market, couldn't  believe they sales a designer purse like Prada, Guess and other stuffs somehow i only up to look those good designer stuffs  did not know they have a good stuffs there, Maybe next time i prepare to have money. they have all types of fresh vegestable too that we endeed up the Avon product because it's way cheaper than online, these Avon cost  $ 1 each.  The itims include, Imari Powder, Imari Lotion and Reflishing Body Lotion it's good for my pocket :).   where you going to find a good deal like this. In online you spend like almost $20 plus H. and S. There are many store inside the market they sales beauty product, Dresses and jeans. although I was satisfied on my shopping we get home with a lots of stuffs.  We had fresh vegestable,and so on we also had a stuffs prepared for Grill. for lunch and dinner, and the last thing is my Avon beauty care which is good. I knew now if you are not smart enought for your shopping it might be not good because we have to keep in mind that shopping is not about for expensive stuffs,  It's for how you learn and handle your money.



  1. I'm a big Avon fan! I have been using Avon for as long as I remember.

  2. I was an avon agent when I was in collge and I like most of their products.

  3. My wife used to order avon products once a month.