Friday, March 29, 2013

Zzzquil good for my night time Sleep

I have cold don't feel good to do household chores  It makes me sick and bother my nose  as well as I have little headache this day I admit I don't like to be sick but Zzzquil does not contain the same medication that is found in regular label  most drugstores carry a generic or store brand with the same amount of active ingredients as the other brands. which really does help for me to sleep good. 
When I purchased this product it was just a liquid form of benadryl  formulation can make a difference and I had a $2 coupon  I can save  I have coupon on it. I figure it  out It's worth good I took the recommended dose at bedtime, and a couple hours later, felt absolutely good. If diphenhydramine  makes me drowsy, this product work for me but it's much cheaper to buy at the pharmacy since it's only 7 minutes to drive where I lived. I was excited when I saw  Zzzquil  making a good night sleep because this product really does help to sleep when I take it for colds,  . 
 I tried this for an entire week, My son was been sick and after a week I get sick too and can honestly say it had an effect of  me. It Save your money  when you buy this and if you buy it well not  disappointed,  when you have a membership card  for the pharmacy you go I am pretty sure it save more because you have points to accumulate don't just sit back,  Just try this.  I would say one   would be it comes in a liquid form.  For me I prefer  for this liquid Zzzquil  it's easier for me to swallow than the tablet.  For those who have difficulty swallowing pills try this I love it and  have
a couple of hours to sleep.   I am so glad that I bought it. I take 20 ml and within 45 minutes, I am asleep. I wake up feeling great and with a non drowsy feeling nor don't  have bad dreams that some others have experienced. The taste is actually  good. I thought it would taste like bad I was wrong it was good though This was surprisingly  good for me. Since I first bought it from other store is not good at all  so I bought 1 other bottle  in different store as it is bit expensive but it was good.. It is well worth the price.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

tanning salon can be deadly

                     courtesy from Photo image. Pic not mine.
                      This is tanning bed.

as we know that tanning is nice also on our skin.  But in  reality this can be in high risk on skin cancer.
It is natural to have a golden tan in our skin, even if logically we know a tan is just sun damage.  there is an option to get that look good without getting the damaging rays. While this can look great on the skin although it's  good on our skin it does not always come out as good because for the next time you going back again and again. There are many reasons to be cautious of tanning bed radiation but some people use tanning bed to  as for self-treat skin.
In our climate here in America Winter, Spring Fall, and Summer. Mostly young women like to go to tanning salon however this kind of tanning can be dangerous to your health. it reveals that lead to  personal battles with melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. As I read about  tanning salon 70 per cent of those using tanning salons are female, primarily 16 to 29 years old. Indoor tanning  the age of 30 has been with a significant increase in melanoma risk cancer it can be dangerous. Of course it's impossible to know for sure that it was the tanning bed, not the sunshine I mean the sun but they both have risk factors. For me I am contented and happy of my skin there's  no reason to go to Salon tanning. How about you?  are   you not contented with your skin?  or you should go to salon for tanning.


Monday, March 18, 2013

The Vectra flea and tick right for your pet.

Spring  is begin couple of days from now.  Were  going busy for fresh cut grass, flowers, rain and sunshine. But for my beloved pet it means bugs is not good  outdoor pests still find a way  to get inside and make me little mad  because they can get inside the room. Fleas, ticks and other harmful parasites get attack  indoor from my  kid he does not like bugs Fleas and ticks he's  running in and out which I leave the door open.

I  always worry that he’s got an itch because last couple of days  ago he found a  flea and tick outside  as well as our  puppy.  Season is definitely approaching. Last week  we went  to Veterinary for his annual checkup and flea and tick protection came up.  I can remember that last year sender is his name. Our puppy Had  unexplained fever that had his  on an IV for two days. The people  on Veterinary was concerned  it could be a tick fever so since then,  I keep an eye on the possibility of fleas and ticks.
The flea and tick  that’s available  on veterinarian is Vectra 3D®  is a broad spectrum parasite control against flea and tick  For the cat just  use Vectra for Cats and Kittens.
Like myself I am cat lover  so we found vectra for Cats made specially for kittens and cats

Did you know that there is benefit for Using Vectra 3D?

1.  It reduce flea feeding in 5 minutes,  that kills fleas in 6 hours
2.   Repels kills, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, biting and sand flies, lice and mites  are including.
3.  One month application to protect your cat or puppy. 

 You can also visit Vectra online to get a free dose of Vectra flea & tick  for your puppy and cat.
  either you can visit your nearest Veterinarian that vectra is right for your pet.


Check it out the Vectra Protect the Love facebook sweeptakes to enter to win $100 gift card to use of your next visit at your nearest Vet.  Gift card are rewarded its week so enter a claim for FREE dose

 extra of Vectra flea and tick control.  You just print the coupon and redeem at  Veterinarian's office near by your house.


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pool vaccuming

                                          Picture not mine

Learn how to use pool vacuums to pick up unwanted debris, when cleaning and maintaining your pool.
 The swimming pool has to maintain the salt level to avoid getting stains. The stains come from minerals in the water. When the minerals become more concentrated because of water loss, stains appear. The salt level should be checked at least every six months to maintain proper levels. little bit of air is not a problem.  When people have a swimming pool they prefer to start in the shallow end and work on the  way down to the deep end.  I knew this because  my Bf  has a swimming pool in his house  If  he clean the pool  he has to  use the tools like filter pool to take out the leaves  he is  using vaccum and have to pushed all of the debris to a certain spot, then he  go ahead and vacuum that area  it's to much work  when you have a pool. Vacuum on a regular basis, maybe just a spot vacuum might needed at that time. If you are vacuuming  you  have to connect your vacuum into the hose and  after that it well start cleaning the pool. More important would be to pick up any large debris that is part of vacuuming. A slow back and forth motion is all that is necessary to pick up the debris in the pool. You can also walk the walls and also clean your hose.  How  about you
 do you have a pool which is using the vaccum for cleaning? I am talking  the bottom and in use for taking some big debris if you have a pool then use this tools in order for you  maintaining your pool clean.


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

my Posylane backpack review

                                           My son excited with his backpack has his name on. camera 
                                           does not good
                                           sorry it blurry  but it turns good anyway

A couple of days ago,I got posylane backpack bag for my kid and I would say and
thank  you for the opportunity to review their product.I was pleasantly surprised for the backpack
tote bag I recieve it has a personalize name of my son .I can't believe how quickly to get here
especially since I requested for a personal embroidery. I like their website it has a good quality
of backpack bag for kids, bath towel wraps, nap mats and personal ink stamp. how thankful I am
to give my honest opinion in exchange to review the product.

After we got the backpack bag my kid use it he has a bag to use everyday but then when he got
his new backpack from posylane he use it and  carry everyday at school so very cool and I like the
color also as i know my kid always asking me he need a new backpack at last now he has a nice
and cute backpack.
Posylane has a variety of colors and shape or sizes of totes why you won't try they have a nice
quality of customer service too. Definitely their product is good specially for kids and other
stuffs. I love bags. Check it out their great offers.As you
can see they have a tons of good product. Thank you Posylane for the good opportunity now
my kid like his backpack and he carry it everyday. If you want to know about their great product
just visit as well as you fallow them on Twitter


Friday, March 1, 2013


I have lived in  the Apartment for almost 3 years I have no problem at all I have enjoyed living  here. I am a very happy  living by myself and my son completely different and he is become independent the more he gets big the more he learn alot his brother keeping up. Sometimes he is coming and visit  regularly I am thankful  he has a nice brother.  Completely different when I move to my renting place But I could say much payments when I own our house.  This one is good why? Because All I worry when the bills is coming just to pay Electric,  and Etc.  When Me and hubby are living at our old house. We have many bills Echetera, Echetera  But I was amazed by his ability he is smart man  he make sure he put the money in the funds. Between  house and apartments  House is good to live because it's your own home  no matter what you know that. In an Apartment  its good to live too less of bills, No morgages what you pay is the Utility bills and Etc.  but because I used my mind I don't live in the house there's so much payments at all. As far as were safe we are good  safety is my concern, Sometimes you can't escape they were some of the neighbor who is  seem creepy,  But we always  keep and eye and careful every people  are different. I am happy I have great friends  to visit us. That makes me feel  good  that they are looking  our safety.Were happy to live in Apartment I meet good people too as they are Chinese.

 If you live in the apartment there is been issues but maintenance has always responded quickly and they fixed it If ever I have problem then I call the office.  Recently my hot water knob in the bathtub wouldn't shut off and they showed up within 20 minutes and fixed it. 

There is a Website that you could  look for Apartment They give you an option for this apartment has a Contract you can sign a lease. You can see the manager and ask their lease how much and you can go through all these.  I let you know as a reader that go to their  webSite and read all the Information
keep searching for an apartment and you well go there. On their Twitter page they have a Listing  some of the important updates are there. I would say keep learn and read  the Lease on the apartment.