Friday, March 1, 2013


I have lived in  the Apartment for almost 3 years I have no problem at all I have enjoyed living  here. I am a very happy  living by myself and my son completely different and he is become independent the more he gets big the more he learn alot his brother keeping up. Sometimes he is coming and visit  regularly I am thankful  he has a nice brother.  Completely different when I move to my renting place But I could say much payments when I own our house.  This one is good why? Because All I worry when the bills is coming just to pay Electric,  and Etc.  When Me and hubby are living at our old house. We have many bills Echetera, Echetera  But I was amazed by his ability he is smart man  he make sure he put the money in the funds. Between  house and apartments  House is good to live because it's your own home  no matter what you know that. In an Apartment  its good to live too less of bills, No morgages what you pay is the Utility bills and Etc.  but because I used my mind I don't live in the house there's so much payments at all. As far as were safe we are good  safety is my concern, Sometimes you can't escape they were some of the neighbor who is  seem creepy,  But we always  keep and eye and careful every people  are different. I am happy I have great friends  to visit us. That makes me feel  good  that they are looking  our safety.Were happy to live in Apartment I meet good people too as they are Chinese.

 If you live in the apartment there is been issues but maintenance has always responded quickly and they fixed it If ever I have problem then I call the office.  Recently my hot water knob in the bathtub wouldn't shut off and they showed up within 20 minutes and fixed it. 

There is a Website that you could  look for Apartment They give you an option for this apartment has a Contract you can sign a lease. You can see the manager and ask their lease how much and you can go through all these.  I let you know as a reader that go to their  webSite and read all the Information
keep searching for an apartment and you well go there. On their Twitter page they have a Listing  some of the important updates are there. I would say keep learn and read  the Lease on the apartment.



  1. I can relate to this, we lived in the apartment for almost 2 years and there are lots of things to consider and maintained.

  2. Well, I guess we both are different when it comes to this mommy. LOL! We moved to a new place this year and we are renting a duplex. We would much rather buy a house so that all our payments would go to us owning a house and not just renting. When you are renting, then at the end of the day you still are renting. Sure though there are tons of bills to pay- taxes, utility, etc. Man! We would love to move to move to another state next year though. God's willing! :)

    1. I am with you Mommy Adin, I'd rather pay my own mortgage at least I know that I am paying for my own. Apartment is a good choice though and it all depends on the situation.

  3. Thx Mommy Aden though I understand that. it depends on the situation I prefer to live in the house or own a house someday in Gods well i knew always renting is not good this is my option this time.For the moment. time well come i own house.:)

  4. We've been living in an apartment too since I got here and joined with my husband. It's hard though since we have to moved in and out after the contract ended. I don't know but we always love to just try new apartments. Until we decided to settled in for good on where we at right now. Sometimes, it's too much work to move out, so I guess we reached the point of it.

  5. I know how you feel living in an apartment. Unfortunately for us here, apartments are the kind of residential unit expats can afford. We've been living in an apartment hi-rise for 13 years now here in Dubai.

  6. I don't really know what it feels like living in an apartment because I've never experienced it.