Wednesday, March 6, 2013

my Posylane backpack review

                                           My son excited with his backpack has his name on. camera 
                                           does not good
                                           sorry it blurry  but it turns good anyway

A couple of days ago,I got posylane backpack bag for my kid and I would say and
thank  you for the opportunity to review their product.I was pleasantly surprised for the backpack
tote bag I recieve it has a personalize name of my son .I can't believe how quickly to get here
especially since I requested for a personal embroidery. I like their website it has a good quality
of backpack bag for kids, bath towel wraps, nap mats and personal ink stamp. how thankful I am
to give my honest opinion in exchange to review the product.

After we got the backpack bag my kid use it he has a bag to use everyday but then when he got
his new backpack from posylane he use it and  carry everyday at school so very cool and I like the
color also as i know my kid always asking me he need a new backpack at last now he has a nice
and cute backpack.
Posylane has a variety of colors and shape or sizes of totes why you won't try they have a nice
quality of customer service too. Definitely their product is good specially for kids and other
stuffs. I love bags. Check it out their great offers.As you
can see they have a tons of good product. Thank you Posylane for the good opportunity now
my kid like his backpack and he carry it everyday. If you want to know about their great product
just visit as well as you fallow them on Twitter



  1. I love the color and style of the backpack. Sure is your son loved it too!

  2. That's a very cute back pack. My daughter also have a customized bag from Posy Lane but it's a duffel bag which is great for a teen.

  3. I love it! What a cute personalized bag. Wish my kids will have one too.

  4. Wow! you got a bag, too. Posy lane is such super sweet. Isn't it?
    I love your backpack choice for your kid. The boat design is perfect for boys like him.

  5. that is so adorable, i wonder what happened to mine? interesting

  6. I love the different designs that you can choose from posylane!

  7. thanks Mga mommys thnks for all the comments. Nova you can try to pitch it again maybe they well like you again. :-)