Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pool vaccuming

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Learn how to use pool vacuums to pick up unwanted debris, when cleaning and maintaining your pool.
 The swimming pool has to maintain the salt level to avoid getting stains. The stains come from minerals in the water. When the minerals become more concentrated because of water loss, stains appear. The salt level should be checked at least every six months to maintain proper levels. little bit of air is not a problem.  When people have a swimming pool they prefer to start in the shallow end and work on the  way down to the deep end.  I knew this because  my Bf  has a swimming pool in his house  If  he clean the pool  he has to  use the tools like filter pool to take out the leaves  he is  using vaccum and have to pushed all of the debris to a certain spot, then he  go ahead and vacuum that area  it's to much work  when you have a pool. Vacuum on a regular basis, maybe just a spot vacuum might needed at that time. If you are vacuuming  you  have to connect your vacuum into the hose and  after that it well start cleaning the pool. More important would be to pick up any large debris that is part of vacuuming. A slow back and forth motion is all that is necessary to pick up the debris in the pool. You can also walk the walls and also clean your hose.  How  about you
 do you have a pool which is using the vaccum for cleaning? I am talking  the bottom and in use for taking some big debris if you have a pool then use this tools in order for you  maintaining your pool clean.



  1. I didn't know that having pool needs a lot of work and maintenance. It sure do because people swim on it, so I think keeping it clean is very necessary. Thanks for sharing this info.

  2. thanks for the tips on cleaning a pool. i wish to have one someday.

  3. I don't know about poll maintenance but thanks for the post. It enlightens me.

  4. Both my SIL and BIL has pools and they both use pool vacuums...

  5. I'm glad we don't own or have a pool coz then i don't have to worry about maintenance