Tuesday, March 26, 2013

tanning salon can be deadly

                     courtesy from Photo image. Pic not mine.
                      This is tanning bed.

as we know that tanning is nice also on our skin.  But in  reality this can be in high risk on skin cancer.
It is natural to have a golden tan in our skin, even if logically we know a tan is just sun damage.  there is an option to get that look good without getting the damaging rays. While this can look great on the skin although it's  good on our skin it does not always come out as good because for the next time you going back again and again. There are many reasons to be cautious of tanning bed radiation but some people use tanning bed to  as for self-treat skin.
In our climate here in America Winter, Spring Fall, and Summer. Mostly young women like to go to tanning salon however this kind of tanning can be dangerous to your health. it reveals that lead to  personal battles with melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. As I read about  tanning salon 70 per cent of those using tanning salons are female, primarily 16 to 29 years old. Indoor tanning  the age of 30 has been with a significant increase in melanoma risk cancer it can be dangerous. Of course it's impossible to know for sure that it was the tanning bed, not the sunshine I mean the sun but they both have risk factors. For me I am contented and happy of my skin there's  no reason to go to Salon tanning. How about you?  are   you not contented with your skin?  or you should go to salon for tanning.



  1. my husband used to go to a tanning salon when he was younger because he said he wanted a tan. he is jealous of my natural brown skin and was horrified when i said i wanted to be "fair". lol! i am glad he stopped going because i am afraid of any ill-effects of using a tanning bed. i told him if he wants a tan to strip down and sunbath in the yard :)

  2. I am contented with my skin color :) But I don't mind others wanting to get a tan, too, but like you I would dissuade them from going to a tanning salon.

  3. oh my...that's really scary indeed! I'm glad I don't need to go to a tanning salon...I'm already dark!

  4. Yes it is! And it is known to caused a skin cancer. It's very scary. I have known people who had been diagnosed with it because of being in a tanning salon.

  5. OH boy! definite is scary. I watched strange addiction at TLC and they featured people who loves to go to tanning salon every single day. She looks horrible and bizarre but she's in denial even though she was seen and spoke by a dermatologist and still won't stop doing it.

  6. I am glad that I do not the tanning as I am born tan naturally :-) I think my husband tried the tanning saloon before and he was fine as long as you do not stay long for a period of time :-)