Monday, March 18, 2013

The Vectra flea and tick right for your pet.

Spring  is begin couple of days from now.  Were  going busy for fresh cut grass, flowers, rain and sunshine. But for my beloved pet it means bugs is not good  outdoor pests still find a way  to get inside and make me little mad  because they can get inside the room. Fleas, ticks and other harmful parasites get attack  indoor from my  kid he does not like bugs Fleas and ticks he's  running in and out which I leave the door open.

I  always worry that he’s got an itch because last couple of days  ago he found a  flea and tick outside  as well as our  puppy.  Season is definitely approaching. Last week  we went  to Veterinary for his annual checkup and flea and tick protection came up.  I can remember that last year sender is his name. Our puppy Had  unexplained fever that had his  on an IV for two days. The people  on Veterinary was concerned  it could be a tick fever so since then,  I keep an eye on the possibility of fleas and ticks.
The flea and tick  that’s available  on veterinarian is Vectra 3D®  is a broad spectrum parasite control against flea and tick  For the cat just  use Vectra for Cats and Kittens.
Like myself I am cat lover  so we found vectra for Cats made specially for kittens and cats

Did you know that there is benefit for Using Vectra 3D?

1.  It reduce flea feeding in 5 minutes,  that kills fleas in 6 hours
2.   Repels kills, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, biting and sand flies, lice and mites  are including.
3.  One month application to protect your cat or puppy. 

 You can also visit Vectra online to get a free dose of Vectra flea & tick  for your puppy and cat.
  either you can visit your nearest Veterinarian that vectra is right for your pet.


Check it out the Vectra Protect the Love facebook sweeptakes to enter to win $100 gift card to use of your next visit at your nearest Vet.  Gift card are rewarded its week so enter a claim for FREE dose

 extra of Vectra flea and tick control.  You just print the coupon and redeem at  Veterinarian's office near by your house.


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