Friday, March 29, 2013

Zzzquil good for my night time Sleep

I have cold don't feel good to do household chores  It makes me sick and bother my nose  as well as I have little headache this day I admit I don't like to be sick but Zzzquil does not contain the same medication that is found in regular label  most drugstores carry a generic or store brand with the same amount of active ingredients as the other brands. which really does help for me to sleep good. 
When I purchased this product it was just a liquid form of benadryl  formulation can make a difference and I had a $2 coupon  I can save  I have coupon on it. I figure it  out It's worth good I took the recommended dose at bedtime, and a couple hours later, felt absolutely good. If diphenhydramine  makes me drowsy, this product work for me but it's much cheaper to buy at the pharmacy since it's only 7 minutes to drive where I lived. I was excited when I saw  Zzzquil  making a good night sleep because this product really does help to sleep when I take it for colds,  . 
 I tried this for an entire week, My son was been sick and after a week I get sick too and can honestly say it had an effect of  me. It Save your money  when you buy this and if you buy it well not  disappointed,  when you have a membership card  for the pharmacy you go I am pretty sure it save more because you have points to accumulate don't just sit back,  Just try this.  I would say one   would be it comes in a liquid form.  For me I prefer  for this liquid Zzzquil  it's easier for me to swallow than the tablet.  For those who have difficulty swallowing pills try this I love it and  have
a couple of hours to sleep.   I am so glad that I bought it. I take 20 ml and within 45 minutes, I am asleep. I wake up feeling great and with a non drowsy feeling nor don't  have bad dreams that some others have experienced. The taste is actually  good. I thought it would taste like bad I was wrong it was good though This was surprisingly  good for me. Since I first bought it from other store is not good at all  so I bought 1 other bottle  in different store as it is bit expensive but it was good.. It is well worth the price.

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