Wednesday, May 22, 2013

He is excited for reading celebration at school

My son has a  Reading Rock Soak Hop Celebration this Friday he getting excited. This is about Reading Celebration.  I am accurate supporting with my son's  school activities because I knew he need guidance and support since he is in Kindergarten need him to motivate and support from a parents. It's a great way he is doing really well and the school is doing a great job of supporting him. Everyday he has a candy at his backpack I ask him he said teacher give it to him  because he is a good listener at their class and he never had time out because if they were loud and not to be listening to the teacher they have a time out room, As a punishment for them in order the kids well learn the good Manner. I knew my kid is a good kid whatever it is. At home he is a kid who play his toys,watch TV and study his lesson. As far as I am guiding his activities at school I am also Volunter school once a week sometimes if there's occasion I well assist at the school.

Is it important that your child’s statement of educational needs accurately reflects and supports their needs. Yes, absolutely right   your child’s needs a guidance for one want to raise a happy, confident and independent kid really well and making good progress. And I picked the right school to support him. He is going to private school in next school year.

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