Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Love is deep

If  I only say about love for me is  mysterious  I don't want to be a fool when it comes to love however you can only feel the love towards a  person if he is not around with you all the time I knew  it takes time for me to be in love I am not like other women that  in love quicky I have make the feeling is mutual I mean it is come and go means love is everything not only for romance but in everything  for sure  anybody else understand the feeling.  It takes for me to love my Bf. lol   he is kind, generous. down to earth have and family man the more we talk everyday the more I knew him a lot. Sometime when I feel down I am grumpy which is he don't understand he ask why I said could not control  I have something feeling that makes me mad and he is calm he wondering why. Were opposite each other we have a misunderstanding   after a while were good.  he is good in cooking anyways.  One time I said I have to much issues then he said you break me up. haha. I said why. I have many things to do its not good to talk about it.  he think were over  or were done on our relationship because I said I have to much to fix about my life, need to resolve my personal problem  he  tell me its nothing to do about your life I mean he said means were done. :D.   I answer no. on my mind  this man got scared to break him up as I know we had a good start relationship although to normal to have a twist and problem because part of the communication and know his likes or dislike. For my personal think I don't want to be rush in  marriage  but whenever I got alone I am thinking Gosh I could not let him go because I well start all over again getting to old to be find someone. and he is also my type person not because being good he is understanding, generous, and mostly neat for organizing some stuffs inside the house. We build a good friendship before he courted me it was develop its true  love is takes a while before you find it.  I can only figure out if the person truly love you because he is open about his past not everything however he is honest, too funny sometimes  I taste him I do this I want to see if he is true and very interested for me and my son. I guess should I say  love is mysterious  I only found  because he talk everything even I did not ask. he is happy when his parents come over I meet them already. Good to know this person well be develop the love what do you think  :D