Tuesday, July 9, 2013

How did you celebrate the fourth of july with family

                                  My Son playing with cousins he had fun

                             This picture is old. Our picture as a family I am happy I am part of this great people

Yesterday was a  celebrating  of Independence Day in America  I'm  writing about how people celebrate the Independence Day and I hope you all have having blast and enjoy to celebrate it, everybody had celebrate because it's a tradition in  America  Among things for celebrating is cooking out, family  and friends get together and do some fireworks but you should be careful about fireworks because its to risky much better to safe than late. As for me fourth of July is memorable every year and happy my in-laws are having a cook out and got fireworks on Independence day they do this in order for them to see the other family members I am glad I was being  able to be a part of the family last Saturday my in-laws invite me for their  party which is suppose to be in Independence Day  but  they celebrate it on after the Independence day  Saturday because one  of the sis in-law had a birthday so its double celebration.

  this was the second  family gathering get together since we had a family issue I was not   attend because  that time I am not comfortable to see them I admit there is personal lesson time well come and  now  this is the time for make myself  happy and comfortable I knew you well not understand the story  but that's it as long as were happy that's fine and good.  I share little bit  about it  For now I want to be  happy again and have some fun  for the family that  meet since I came here in America we had a fun time together  laughing and talking its was like reunion  for me  I thought in my life I should not see the family again. Yesterday is a happiest moment in my life  I see all the family  members my Son, me and my Bf such a wonderful  moments could not hold my tears, Year after we reunite,  my in-laws  although we had  fun  together  we go swimming with the kids and Moms and had food  how happy is that. How about you? how did you celebrate? Independence day?  The  Only  thing I learn lesson is  forgiven is  a good option for me I make a mistake and they make a mistake too. Just keep read it  the next post  I am very much happy now the family and me are back together  :-)


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