Friday, August 30, 2013

I well update

I should say that one of my blog is expiring should I continue to renew?  This is one main problem I want to think about million times before I commit  myself to get landed a job I well not saying have to quit but lately I was lazy to update my other blogs. I knew I have review need to work on it sounds like I am not feel good to do. For the past weeks since we went home from our vacation
I couldn't think about to write  because I am so busy doing something. I can tell that one of my other friend talking about job just encouraging me and my other friend to attend the meeting in that way we understand  how the meeting goes I knew that applying a job now is difficult there is many company who get shutdown because the economy is not good.  On the other hand there is company who hire people this type of company is not individual although they have several branch all over  parts of America I mean different part of the states have many branches do you  think  this well going to indeed in bankruptcy I guess no. they're company has run for many, many years. I thinking what kind of company is this. Need to figure out, Is this good enough to hire people?  My friends work here I am hoping I would understand why they hire people. Its hard to say if I am one of this to hire  she convince me, My friend went and apply there Best luck for her. Anyways I get back to normal blog next week maybe Got to renew my one blog.

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