Sunday, September 15, 2013

My birthday on 911

I trying to figure out where everything went I was rested  for while for writing a review due to the fact that I been doing some other stuffs I could update my blogs but I did busy for some other things I hope my reader pardon me I am ready to write Or do I have bleary eye  no nothing I just been busy and wishing I have my family with me sometimes I am homesick here I don't know so much going on. 

This is a picture of my birthday the Birthday cake and the pretty flowers which is my sweet
boyfriend surprise me when I wake up at my birthday with full of sweet messages  and  new phone such a wonderful feeling u know what I mean feel like I am in cloud nine :-)  I remember and enjoy my time during my birthday because its only happen once a year I would not think about it  about my age.  Age is just a number right, whatever I feel we all have to consider we thanks to God on my birthday because we well not be here also without our parents. On that day on my birthday we don't have much plan to celebrate and were not tell everybody to celebrate it. Every year   I had to celebrate  with my family and love ones sometimes  need to celebrate  only for my family and few friends and that's it  special people and friends are more important  I am totally impressed who given me a special gift and lovely flowers on 911 date on my Birthday I feel that he cares for us unconditional love from a person whom I know and love.I am so blessed this time I could not imagine myself to meet him long story no details about where we begin I don't write it that way
 Though this is not diary its a blog I put a pictures on my Birthday so you  could see it and I wanted to share also after we went to the store get home  and work some stuff to be done
we went out for special dinner and so amazing I drink my favorite drink pina colada watch the chef
who cook our dinner so amazing my son little scared on the fire in front where the chef cook it our food its very memorable night ever.

I am also happy got a cards and money from special person in my life what a blessed day and totally surprise so much blessed Thanks God for the wonderful happen in my life.I appreciate the good things happen to me. Because for many years I was so terribly depressed thinking it was miserable years and bad luck I don't  think to much for that Life has many challenges you never know whats going to be happen as far as I am happy go :-)


  1. Belated happy birthday sis, such a great feeling really when you wake up and you get surprises from your honeybunch!

  2. yes your right sis how I wish everyday is surprise lol , be happy lang talaga. thanks

  3. Belated Happy birthday to you mommy Marie. How lovely!

  4. Belated Happy Birthday mommy Marie! May you have more birthdays to come and stay youthful as ever!

  5. Belated Happy Birthday Marie!! Wishing you all the best!