Thursday, September 5, 2013

Summer is my favorite season

My Kid with his cousin as they are playing

My kid love to swim

As we know that summer is almost over here in state before then we have to enjoy it while the weather is pretty nice although our temperature here in Fl. is crazy sometimes perfect sometimes very humid but I enjoy it everyday because when it gets hot we jump into the pool and have our suit and floats for swimming my son used to swim everyday but since that he is started going to school he swim only once a week sometimes he swim with his buddy.  On the other hand I just notice that summer is almost over I couldn't think how many times to swim into the swimming pool were not really usually swim a lot unless my friends coming over with the kids. Recently a friend of mind was here couple of days ago and our kids are swimming into the pool glad the temperature is cool. My favorite season is summer because we hang out in the porch everyday talk and eat and even dinner we usually do that. Were are enjoying the summer here at least my kid swim quit a little bit of time  in that way he won't bored he also goes to his soccer sports twice a week. I hope you  enjoy your summer and we well say Hello Fall soon.


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