Saturday, October 5, 2013

How to choose wedding gown you like

The questions can  be easy What's the best cut and shape for your body type?   Should you go strapless or choose something with sleeves?  Thinks and  shared some of your friends best advice for choosing a gown that suits your body type.
My first piece of advice for every bride when she starts to go shop for a gown is to look first in her closet and pull out her favorite dress,  Put it on and think about why is it her favorite dress. Most women have never owned or even worn a gown quite like a wedding dress, which can make the shopping process difficult.   You will probably wear your gown for quite a while, at least through the photographs and the reception, so think about comfort, too. Give yourself sufficient time to choose the Wedding dress of your dreams. Take your time and evaluate your options. With a few tips, you can choose the best wedding dress for your body type. Set a budget for your wedding gown. You might need to consult with the groom or your parents if they will be sharing the costs with you. Also plan costs for your bridal veil.


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